Zoey 101’s Alexa Nichols protests ‘insecure’ Nickelodeon environment

Zoey 101 Alexa Nichols protests painfully unsafe Nickelodeon environment

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making changes. Alexa Nichols Led protests outside Nickelodeon’s headquarters over allegations of child abuse.

“I’m crying here. Thank you for all of your love and support.” Zoey 101 The 30 year old alum wrote instagram on Thursday, August 25. “The survivors are watching and listening. This kind of love and support is going to make a big difference! I will never be able to forget this day. Today was a deeply healing day. My inner child felt empowered. Thanks for listening.”

Nichols, who starred as Zoey Brooks’ best friend Nicole Bristow on the Nickelodeon sitcom at the 2005 premiere, held up a sign that read, “Nickelodeon didn’t protect me,” as she told Her experience working for the network,

criminal mind The alum, who left the sitcom after its second season, hosted a “Slime Time Live” rally Thursday with the Eat Predators organization to shed light on the network. Alleged history of child sexual abuse,

Zoey 101 Alexa Nichols protests painfully unsafe Nickelodeon environment

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“My own personal experience at Nickelodeon… I” didn’t feel safe at nickelodeon personally as a kid,” she mentioned in a instagram Video from protest. “And so, I’m demanding that Nickelodeon start protecting children, not predators.”

Nichols – who intends to “mud” non-disclosure agreements, as The famous goo of the network . a nod to – called forward Dan Schneider As “the creator of childhood trauma”. (Schneider, 56, notably helped create the network sitcom Drake and Josh, iCarly, Zoey 101, Victorious, Sam and Cat And Henry Danger,

“He played a huge role in my personal childhood trauma,” Walking Dead Alam alleged. “When I was working at Nickelodeon, I didn’t feel safe around Dan Schneider. In fact, every time he came on set, my body would get very tense and later in Season 2 he would attack me. Used to shout [which] made me cry [in a room alone with him and several network executives],

Nichols further alleged that “a lot” of footage from Schneider’s Bakery show was disturbing, even calling multiple people. Zoey 101 scenery To revisit “Deeply Relating to As a Parent”,

Schneider, for his part, has been the first accused of unfair misconduct during his time at the network, which he has since denied. ,[It’s] ridiculous,” he said new York Times in July 2021. “The comedy was completely flawless. … I never interacted with the actors in any way, texting or otherwise, that would make anyone uncomfortable. ,

nicholas – who shares daughter nova, 21 months, with husband Michael Gray – also sought to launch an investigation into the production company, alleging that they tried to “silence” her by speaking up.

While neither Schneider nor Nickelodeon have publicly addressed the Illinois native’s protest rally, the former child star went on to say that her own experience was “painful” and “unsafe,” which she recalled TMZ on Thursday. Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider Didn’t Immediately Respond us weeklyComment request.

crazy man price of alum Jamie Lynn Spears, Sean Flynn, Matthew Underwood And Erin Sanders Feather Zoey 101However, Nicholas left the show after season 2 amid rumors of set feud with sweet magnolias Tara, 30.

“I was very surprised to see him lying there in a storm,” Nicolasso wrote via Instagram in Januaryslamming Spears’ things i should have said history as wrong. “I recently thought we were okay when he tried to use me in that Zoey 101 The music video to make myself look better when I finally came out about it once again during the What Happened to Me on set/reunion reboot trick. I think pressure from others made him address the issue. I declined his offer. Why now? But I was happy to finally get an apology. So I forgave him.”

She added at the time: “She never said anything she mentioned in the book because she knows everything she’s saying is a total lie and I’d call her out on that. One by one. So many years It’s sad to see no one change even after that. Whatever he said about me in his book, it didn’t really happen.”

To report child abuse, consult Child Welfare Information Gateway of the US Department of Health and Human Services For state-specific reporting phone numbers.

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