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Luke Davis proposed to Kayla Sessler so that they can make a fresh start, but during the August 9 episode Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, she worried that getting engaged might not be the best move for her. Still, when Luke asked her to marry him, she didn’t want to say “no,” because, as she said in a private confession, that would have been terrible. And Kayla is in love with Luke, but as viewers have seen, they have a lot to go through before they tie the knot. So much so, in fact, that Kayla visited a therapist to try to figure things out after she accepted Luke’s offer. And when she replayed all the drama they’ve gone through – family feuds, cheating, miscarriages, etc. – the doctor was shocked to hear that they were engaged. Kayla laughed because she felt the same way, which is why she told Luke and his mom that they were going to be single. long The engagement. At least if they’ll stay together – the length of their relationship is still up for debate as this week’s episode ended with Kayla and Luke somewhat debating whether or not to invite their mom and sister to their potential wedding. No. He thinks they should be invited, and she doesn’t.

During this, Kiaya elliot who was concerned about co-parenting with X’Zayveon Maybe once he gets out of jail, so he decides to establish parental custody over his son, love, Especially because X’Zayveon’s mom said that after coming out of prison he doesn’t need to get a job because he knows how to make it work and make money on the streets. Kiya couldn’t believe she was saying this – especially because her “work” on the streets was what landed her in jail in the first place.

Later, Rachel beaver questioned whether the things between him and Noah Getting stale, so he tries to convince her that they need to go to their place. They are currently living with their mother, which is great for their bank accounts, but not so good for their sex lives. Rachel said that Noah never flirts with her anymore, and that she wants him to take her on a date from time to time. However, he doesn’t want to rush out and he basically told her that he doesn’t know how to budget his money.

eventually, of madison birch She was upset with her father for not being supportive during both of her pregnancies, which leads to feelings of abandonment as a child. They had a face-to-face conversation, but refused to apologize for the way she felt or the things she said during those pregnancies (ie suggesting her an abortion). Instead, he told Madison to “let it go” and move on.

Oh and Brianna jaramillo is basically Caitlyn lovell of this franchise, as she was busy changing career paths this week. She is no longer working in dental care – now, she is starting a potential career in optometry and is considering going back to school for it.

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