You’ll Scream at Macaulay Culkin’s Most Amazing Roles

based on real life eventsCulkin Played “King of the Club Kids” Michael Bareillywho then spent nearly 17 years in prison on charges of murder and Robert “Freeze” Riggs New York nightlife lover killed and dismembered Andre “Angel” Melendez in 1996. Riggs also served a prison sentence for murder.

To prepare for the role, Culkin has Alig behind bars, Say Barbara Walters In 2003, “We spent four hours in prison. I’ve never been to jail before. I was just listening and I could see how his hands were shaking … He was remorseful, but at the same time he was putting Was on this front. He was putting the ‘Michael Allig’ act on me, Wild and Mad Men.”

Asked if he too has a dark side, the then 25-year-old actor said, “I guess you can say that. But there is nowhere as dark as him. It’s so easy to see me as this evil one.” Thing, you know? This wicked little one, like, you know, blond-haired kid, is making trouble for everyone.”

In addition, he miss bunny ear About the glam-rock look that Michael required, “I always felt beautiful, but that’s where I learned I was really beautiful. It taught me to fully understand why women take so long to get ready.” It’s worth it and I looked great.”

Culkin, who has since appeared in his first film, acknowledging his long break from the limelight rihi rihhoWalters, “I don’t want to do what I did before. Before, you know, it was like people’s livelihoods were on the line… They loved building an industry out of me. It really It was just that weird dynamic that I think made me uncomfortable for my young life. I’m not one of those people who needs that gratification to do 10 movies a year… I’m just trying to be I am, you know, an artist.”

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