Woman ‘extremely lucky’ to survive Anne Heche accident

The woman whose Los Angeles home was destroyed when Anne Heche entered her and caused a furious accident According to neighbours, he was “extremely lucky” to survive – but “lost all his wealth”.

Lynn Mitchell was in a different part of her Mar Vista home when troubled actress crashed her Mini Cooper on Friday, triggering a fireball that took nearly 60 firefighters more than an hour to deal with.

The professional organizer was “in shock” before he even noticed the crashed car, which had taken care of the house “almost all the way”, his neighbor, Lynn Bernstein, told people,

“I don’t think he got what was going on. He said, ‘What happened? What happened?'” Bernstein told the magazine, adding that his neighbor was “extremely lucky” to escape.

Their neighbors and their pets — two dogs, Bree and Reuben, as well as a tortoise, Marley — were “extremely lucky,” their neighbor said.

Fundraisers for Lynn Michele shared images highlighting the total devastation in her home, which is uninhabited after Anne Heche's crash on Friday.
Fundraisers for Lynn Michele shared images highlighting the total devastation in her home, which is uninhabited after Anne Heche’s crash on Friday.

One online fundraiser Established by neighbors, it was also emphasized that “Lin and her family survived very little bodily harm.”

“The house, however, was completely burnt down,” said the fundraiser, who shared images of the burnt ruins of the house.

The home was “immediately red-tagged” — meaning disqualified for occupancy — for Michelle to “leave the place she loves,” the fundraiser said.

“What’s even more worrying is that Lynn lost her entire life of possessions, souvenirs, all the equipment for her business including her laptop and iPad, all her clothes and basic necessities, and all household items,” neighbors said.

Lynn Mitchell "lost property all his life" in flames.
Lynn Mitchell “lost the wealth of her entire lifetime” in the fire.

“With the help of firefighters, she was able to pull some damaged sentimental items out of the rubble,” said the fundraiser, sharing images of a handful of photographs — some burned — lined up outside.

“Everything else is gone,” it said.

The firefighters were only able to help Lynn Mitchell "pull some damaged sentimental stuff out of the rubble," One fundraiser said.
One fundraiser said, firefighters were only able to help Lynn Mitchell “pull some damaged sentimental items out of the rubble.”

The fundraiser called Michelle “a kind and generous person” who “is always the first to help others.”

“Today we are asking the community to come together and help Lynn start again,” said the fundraiser, which raised $53,340 early Monday, more than half the $100,000 goal.

Fire officials had on Friday confirmed that the crashed vehicle took rest inside the house. “due to structural compromise” and erupted in a fierce fire.”

Firefighters deal with the fire of the Anne Heche-accident.
LA fire officials said it “took 59 firefighters 65 minutes” to deal with the “stubborn” fire after Anne Heche crashed.

In a release, the department noted how “59 firefighters took 65 minutes to reach, confine and completely extinguish the stubborn flames within the heavily damaged structure.”

Meanwhile the police confirmed to CNN that they were investigating Heche for an “abuse hit and run” just before the main accident.

Anne Heche in March
Anne Heche is also “lucky to be alive” but has “a long recovery ahead” after suffering “severe burns”, a source close to her told CNN.
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He was previously filmed crashing into a nearby garage, with a video shared by TMZ catching the sound of his tires ignoring appeals to get out of the car and running instead.

Dangerous videos appeared to capture the roar of Heche’s blue mini racing through quiet suburban streets before the crash. Police confirmed on Sunday that they would investigate whether drink or drugs played a roleinsisted that in such cases it was routine.

Heche, 53, is in steady state, A source close to her told CNN that the actress is also “lucky to be alive”.

“She has suffered severe burns and has a long recovery ahead of her,” the source said.

“Her team and her family are still trying to find out what caused the accident.”

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