Woman and her daughter shot at gunpoint in Palmdale home-attack attack

A woman was shot in the face and her young daughter was held at gunpoint after a man broke into her Palmdale home on Sunday night, officials said.

According to preliminary investigations, the suspect and the woman, identified as 32-year-old Erin Mauldin, appear to be strangers, but deputies are still investigating what caused the late-night violent attack, said Lieutenant George Zamora. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The deputy was called at 1100 Block East of Avenue R at 10:27 pm on Sunday about a woman being caught at gunpoint.

Investigators believe that the accused forcibly entered the house. When the woman was able to get a handcuff, a physical conflict ensued between the two. Zamora said, however, that the suspect was able to take the semi-automatic gun from the woman.

“She prevailed,” he said, “and the suspect shot her.”

The man took the woman’s daughter at gunpoint just before she was confronted by public representatives in the house. The man was following, holding the girl, but surrendered soon after the deputy arrived.

“As soon as he saw the deputy, he gave up and threw the gun,” said Zamora.

The child, whose age was not immediately known, was not hurt. He said his mother was taken to a nearby hospital and she is recovering. His condition was stable till Tuesday.

Zamora said Mauldin was booked on bail of more than $1 million.

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