Winchester preview teases the origins of the supernatural

divine The fight may be over, but the battle against demons, demons and everything else is not certain.

CW released the trailer for divine prequel Winchesters August 26. Here, we find out more about how Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki)’s parents met in 1972.

as John Winchester (drake roger) begins to lose the battle against a particularly evil demon, his future wife (and donnelly) comes off with a well aimed kick.

“What is your name?” John summons the mysterious woman who saved his life.

“I’m Mary,” she retorts in response.

Mary describes how she was raised to be a hunter, and the two join forces to fulfill John’s mission of “saving people, hunting things” – the same words that Dean and Sam, their Will drive future sons, full time. divine Chain. divine ran for 15 seasons from 2005 to 2020 on The CW,

And though the spin-off is introducing an entirely new cast—which includes jojo flites Carlos Cervantez. In form ofDemetria McKinney as Ada Monroe, And Nida Khurshido As Latika Desai—Some familiar faces. Eccles will reprise his role as Dean, who is searching for answers about his family’s past.

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