Will the disappearance of DeVante Adams affect Green Bay’s playoff chances?

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams #17 walks off the field to beat the Minnesota Vikings 37-10 to win the game at Lambeau Field on January 02, 2022 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

green Bay Packers Enter the 2022 NFL Season Without Your Best Wide Receiver, davante adams,

Adams was sent to Las Vegas in a trade after being told that he would not play under the team’s franchise tag.

This now leaves Green Bay without their best receiver, which could threaten their playoff hopes.

However, the team is hoping for a four-time MVP. Aaron Rodgers Can get them there without Adams.

But could he do it, or was the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Packers the key to their playoff hopes?

Adams accounted for nearly one-third of Rodgers’ passing stats

Losing Adams would be a tremendous blow to the Packers’ offense.

Over the past two seasons, his receiving numbers accounted for about one-third of Rodgers’ passing stats.

This helped him win two consecutive MVP titles in the quarterback position.

So without a threat like Adams on the team, it would be difficult for him to achieve his third consecutive MVP.

It dents the Packers’ playoff hopes by losing someone born like Adams.

However, the Packers are hoping that their quarterback can do so without their star receiver.

But he at least gave him some help to turn that cornerstone of the Packers’ receiving corps.

Sammy Watkins and Rookie Draft Picks Are Packers Replacements for Adams

One player isn’t enough to replace the five-time Pro Bowl receiver he lost.

Green Bay needs multiple receivers to replace him, which he found during the NFL draft and free agency.

With Sammy Watkins, the team hopes he can have a 1,000-yard season, something Adams would easily do.

However, during his career, he only had one 1,000-yard receiving year.

also playing together Patrick Mahomes He never got a 1,000-yard year in Kansas City.

His best season came during his second season in the league and with the Buffalo Bills in 2015.

But if he can’t make the move and gets 1,000+ receiving yards, the Packers have other receivers.

Those other receivers are draft picks Christian Watson, Romeo Dobbs and Samori Toure.

However, of that group, only Watson is projected to see a spot in the starting lineup.

So are the Packers really doomed with these receivers and without Adams?

Packers fans believe Rogers can turn these players into stars

If you ask any Green Bay Packers fan if they’re doomed, they’ll tell you that their team is making the playoffs.

He feels that his quarterback can make a star out of any receiver he plays with.

He believes the same thing happened to Adams.

However, they are wrong.

Adams has broken an NCAA football record, a record that he still holds almost a decade later.

That’s why Rodgers didn’t make Adams into the superstar receiver he is today.

He was already that superstar when he stepped into Green Bay.

So while Green Bay fans think he’ll still make it to the playoffs, they haven’t seen a tape of Adams during his college years.

So Green Bay may have some trouble without playing in their team in 2022.

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