Why would Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck last this time?

talking huffpost Live In 2015, she referred to their intense romance as “a high-profile relationship that broke down in a really bad way”, amid a really low career point for her. And yet, Lopez also said, she “has no regrets. I would do it again, I guess. I really would. Even part of the relationship. I feel like everything is your story and Be part of your journey and it’s meant to be and helps you grow if you’re willing to watch it, and I’m willing to see.”

Fast forward six years and, reader, that did it all over again,

But not at all. With five kids between them and a lot of mileage on life’s odometer, they’re older, wiser, and giving zero f-ks about what the media might say about their romantic reunion. (However, if they ever wondered, the reaction ranged from overjoyed to downright remorse, prompting some to reflect on why, as Affleck described how they were 19 years ago. , they wereSo f–king means,

And oh, the lessons each had learned—about love, loyalty, family, and, perhaps most important, themselves.

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