Why does Elon Musk’s mom sleep in a garage when she visits him in Texas?

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but it may not apply my moscowof accommodation.

According to the billionaire’s mother Elon Musk, she lives in a very unexpected place when she visits her son at their SpaceX headquarters in Boca Chica, Texas. “I want to sleep in the garage,” said Mai. many times In the UK “You can’t have a fancy house near Rocket Site.”

While Mai did not elaborate further on her unconventional accommodation, she noted to the publication that her son has no interest in material possessions. “No,” she said, “not in that sense at all.”

Currently, Mei lives in an apartment in New York, where she likes to spend time grooming her dog in what she describes as “old clothes, a shabby coat, a hat and goggles.”

“My place isn’t big,” she said. “I don’t need big. I don’t need wasted space because with it comes responsibilities. I feel like I’m settled and I said to my kids, ‘This is the best place ever.'”

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