Who Was Eliminated in ‘Big Brother’ Week 7? double removal causes stress

Two houseguests were fired from elder brother home in week 7 a. Thank You for The shock twist that saw the house shattered in different teams.

Half of the houseguests have been staying indoors all week at the “Brochella” concert, where Michael Brunner has been head of householdWhile the other half are staying in the garden at “Dire Fest,” which stars Terrence Higgins as HoH.

One houseguest from each team was evicted in the August 25 episode, marking the first double. expulsion Season 24.

Big Brother Julie Chen Moonves
Two houseguests have been evicted from “Big Brother” Season 24, hosted by Julie Chen Moonves.

After Power of Veto Contests First week 7 . InMonte Taylor and Jasmine Davis were on the chopping block for the Broachella side of the house, while Joseph Abdeen and Kyle Kappner Dire was at risk for the fest.

Two players from each side who were not nominated or were able to vote by the home chiefs, on the Broachella side, Taylor and Brittany were set to decide the fate of their fellow contestants, while Matthew “Turner” Turner and Alyssa Dyer Snyder had a decisive hand in the fest.

so who was removed elder brother In double removal? newsweek You have everything you need to know.

who was eliminated elder brother week 7?

Big Brother Monte Jasmine
Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis faced expulsion on the Broachella side of “Big Brother”, with Jasmine eventually being sent home.

of brochella elder brother The removal was pretty straightforward, with Jasmine being voted out 2–0.

Taylor and Brittany are both in the Leftovers alliance, which Jasmine is not a part of, so her exit wasn’t too much of a surprise to fans.

On the house Dior fest side, though, things were a little more complicated.

Knowing that he was still up for expulsion power of veto At the contest, Joseph tries to convince Terence that Kyle, with whom he was nominated, cannot be trusted.

Big Brother Joseph Abdeen
Joseph Abdeen tries to persuade his fellow Dire Fest residents to put him in “Big Brother” over Kyle Kepner.

Joseph then went to the Diary Room, but while he was there, the other four houseguests on the Dire Fest side formed their own alliance without him, known as The Afterparty. This was particularly surprising from Turner, who is part of a leftist alliance with Joseph.

Later, Joseph, who still had no idea about The Afterparty alliance, called a house meeting with Dire Fest, where he uncovered many of Kyle’s lies, in an effort to keep Alyssa and Turner in the contest. Tried.

Tragically, Joseph, Alyssa and Turner showed no interest in saving him, and Joseph was then kicked out of Dire Fest by a 2–0 vote.

During an interview with host Julie Chen Moonves following his exit, Joseph admitted that his fierce loyalty to the Left eventually drove him out. However, he insisted that he did not play the game any other way.

Fans take a quick look at both sides of the house at the end of the episode eventually They are reuniting after a week of separation, but fans will have to wait until Sunday’s episode to see the full fallout from Double Eviction.

The rest of the survivors will no doubt have any doubts for their decision to vote for Joseph, despite Turner and his coalition.

Big Brother continues on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

Big Brother Joseph Julie
Despite his efforts to stay, Joseph Abdeen is evicted and tells host Julie Chen Moonves that his loyalty to the survivors led to his exit.

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