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On 12 August 2022, Kanye “Ye” West45, was Seen on his way to his Malibu homewhich was under construction at the time, along with the model Monica Corgan23. Before that, they were Allegedly enjoying the screening of Top Gun: Maverick just a few days ago Kanye And Chaney Jones’ split, While the pair haven’t confirmed their romance as of this writing, fans can’t help but wonder how Kanye and Monica got together, and who Monica is. According to her Instagram account, she is an onlyfan and swimsuit model who has worked with major fashion brands, including balencias, YSL, and more – but there’s more to her than just fashion. Read on to learn five fun facts about Virgo’s potential new flame.

Monica Corgan is a model for JVC Swim

Monica helped launch JVC Swim, a new swimwear and swim accessory brand that was built around the principle that “every woman deserves to feel confident and look amazing in her swimwear”, according to Website, The new brand offers bikinis, one-pieces, and body chains, with chains costing $25 and suits ranging from $35 for bikinis to $45 for one-pieces. While the model hasn’t really said much about the brand, she shows her love for it by sharing bikini shots and tagging it often.

Monica Corgan is a bookworm

When she’s not sharing sexy snapshots or modeling high-fashion clothing on OnlyFans, Monica is relaxing with a book in hand. He is notorious for always carrying a book with him, so he decided to keep one. instagram highlights Dedicated to what books she recommends. “I made a list of books I’ve read and enjoyed. Since you guys always ask what I’m reading, here it is,” she wrote on the cover page for the highlight, with a link to her Amazon listing written. Some of her favorite readings include Teathat alchemist By Paulo Coelho, F*ck. the subtle art of not giving By Mark MansonAnd power of habit By Charles Duhigo,

God is number one in Monica’s heart

Monica is quite active on Twitter and announced in June 2022 that she and the Lord have revealed their love for God. “On speaking terms”, He has also tried to inspire his followers by directing them towards God. “Anxiety is a lack of trust. Whenever you worry there has to be awareness, you need to build your faith,” she had also tweeted in June. “Whenever you feel that you need to take revenge or fight your own battles, you are telling God that you do not trust Him”.

He exhorted his followers to be kind to people only and to seek God when they are struggling. “If you find a way and it brings people down, wait for God to show you the other way,” he wrote in August 2022. “Proceed in ways that will lift only others!!! God uses this as a test, wait, believe. He will show you a new path.”

Monica Corgan has a soft spot for horses

While most of Monica’s Instagram is filled with stunning modeling pictures, she has posted a picture or two from her personal life. In October 2021, she shared a picture feeding a brown horse and captioned it, “I give everything for you”. She wore black leggings, accentuating the sexiness behind her, and a black sweater, and her naturally wavy hair fell gracefully around her face.

Monica Corgan wants to cut clothing waste

Monica is a staunch advocate of limiting your wardrobe and staying away from fast fashion, which she has talked about extensively on Twitter. In a tweet he Told Knowing your personal style is the secret to avoiding over-consumption of clothing. in another Tweet From June 2022, he recommended questions that people could ask themselves to do. Asking questions like:

– What is its purpose in my wardrobe?
– Does it fit my personal style?
– Will it make it easier to get dressed?

… are all great questions to ask yourself when shopping, 6 months later we’re sorry to avoid buying the piece,” she explained. As a fashion model, it’s quite impressive that Monica has been on this topic. So aware of it!

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