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Deputy Chief of the Fairburn Police Department told TMZ Boosie was pulled over for driving at 73 mph in area 55, as well as throwing an “unknown object” out of the car. Because of his garbage, the police searched his car, where they found a small amount of weed. Eventually he was given a ticket for speeding and littering. This was not Busey’s first encounter with the police. Read here to know five things about the rapper and father of eight.

Boosie was diagnosed with kidney cancer

The Louisiana-born rapper revealed the news to his fans in an Instagram post on November 25, 2015. “I need to pray for all my fans,” Lil Boosie captioned a photo of himself eating it on Instagram. “The doctor just told me” I have kidney cancerLess than two weeks later, he had surgery to remove the cancer from his kidney.

“I want to thank everyone for all the support and love! The surgery went well..God good! Next step recovery! The cancer has been removed from the boozy kidney,” he wrote on Instagram, breaking the good news.

Boosie was shot in the leg

Boosie was shot in the leg in November 2020 while in Dallas, Texas to honor fellow rapper Mo3who was murdered a few days ago, Peru TMZ, He was reportedly traveling in a Sprinter van to a shopping location called Big T Plaza when the gunman opened fire. According to the outlet, he was treated in hospital for a gunshot wound below the knee and his injuries were non-life-threatening. hollywoodlife Contacted the Dallas Police Department, who declined to identify Boosie.

While rumors circulated that he needed to amputate his leg, Boosie was discharged from the hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries to remove the bullet fragments from his shin and so he could have his leg amputated. TMZ, He made a full recovery.

Boosie was unexpectedly released from prison early

rapper whose real name is Torrance Hatchwas The State of Louisiana Unexpectedly Released from the Peninsula Back in March 2014. He had been charged with marijuana possession since 2009, but his sentence was later lengthened after an attempted drug smuggling in prison. Upon his release, the Atonement’s representative told the media that Boosie would remain on parole until 2018. TMZ,

The rapper has been to jail before. (Photo: AP)

He may have been laid off, but that didn’t stop Boosie from working on his music. After its release in 2014, he told reporters that he was planning to drop a new album soon, as he had written over 1,000 songs behind bars. At the time, Boosie said that he had heard some current rap music and believed the industry was “wide open” for him to jump back and become one of the most relevant rap stars.

“As for the rap game, I think the music I’ve got, the rap game is open to me,” he said at a press conference, hiphopDX, “I feel like what I’ve been listening to on the radio for the last three, four days and whatever it is, it’s different from my music. Like I said, it’s different from my music. And different brings greatness. So, I think I stand alone in the music industry to tell you the truth.”

Boosie makes transphobic comments about Dwayne Wade’s daughter

The rapper came under criticism for his comments Dwyane Wadetransgender daughter of that would bein 2020. “Dirty Dirty” rapper talks after nba star confirmed that Zaya identifies as female in February 2020. She was only 12 years old at that time. “Dwayne Wade, you’ve gone too far, bro, bro,” Boosie said in an Instagram Live video after the announcement.

He was pressured to apologize, but said he has no remorse for his actions. , “It’s kinda f-king with my money, but I mean everything I said and I’ll say it again,” said Boosie. Charlemagne was god 13 April episode breakfast club, “They were trying to associate some s-t with a meeting Jay Z, They say JAY-Z was supposed to get her on the phone and all that, I need to apologize and save it, that I came up with,” he recalled. “I’m not apologizing for s—t. I don’t give a af-k if Jesus calls and tells me to apologize. I just said what I said, man. I thought it was right.”

Boosie went on a homophobic rant in 2021

The “Trust Nobody” rapper received heated backlash once again when he took to Instagram to criticize the LGBTQ+ community in 2015 and again when he stood up. dababy After losing many jobs after that going on a homophobic rant Feather roll over Music festival in 2021. “It’s sad how you’re trying to force this gay material on the world. It’s sad how you are trying to ban artists. You’re all sad, brother, it’s sad, brother,” he said on Instagram. Feeling, “In 10 years, it will not be normal for a child to be erect. It’s sad brother. You all try to impose it on these kids, brother. Imposing it on the artists, pushing it on all the big actors. You know why? Cause’ kids love those artists. You are attacking these children.”

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