White extremists have found their son for Senate: Blake Masters

In Blake Masters, White extremists think they may soon find an ally in the Senate. The 36-year-old venture capitalist, who is the Republican nominee in Arizona’s key Senate race, has garnered support from far-right figures by refusing to shy away from controversies throughout his campaign. with him Claimed that “black people” are to blame for America’s “gun violence problem”; is appreciated writings of Ted Kazinsky, a domestic terrorist has become a cult hero in the very young and very online part; And hugged rhetoric of the “Great Replacement”, a theory supported by white nationalists who accuse Democrats of replacing white Americans through a “invasion” immigrants from non-white countries. (although the masters did Condemn Kazinsky, he notes that he supports Unabomber’s writings on the negative social impacts of modern technology.)

Among Influential White-Extremist Celebrities Who Have Loved the Masters Andrew Anglin, Founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer blog. anglin approved masters In a June post, writing, “I couldn’t offer more vehement support, and I demand that anyone in Arizona (who isn’t some sort of known neo-Nazi or whatever) contact her campaign and See what kind of help he needs.” He added that the candidate was only “getting better and better.”

the primary morning of August 2, Nick Fuentes, A famous white nationalist livestreamer who participated in the deadly Unite the Right rally in 2017. issued The following reminder to your Telegram followers: “Today is the big day—Vote for…Blake Masters in AZ!” fuents first Supported while the masters encouraging His fans turned out in large numbers for “America First, Christian Nationalist candidates.” Just like that, Scott Greer, A former Daily Caller editor who wrote for a white supremacist website indicated his support for The Masters during the primary, Tweet“Blackid Masters” – “Kid” being synonymous with “Based”, of the far right favorite word In response to an ad for Prem Ka—An Attack painted Masters as Anti-Semitism.

Jack Posobiec, One Supporter Regarding the Pizzagate conspiracy theory which has a . Is track record To make anti-Semitic remarks, deployment of A photo from a fundraiser organized by the Masters last year and Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. His support of Masters has entered the general election as Masters’ official press account on Twitter. retweeted A Posobiec post campaigning for the candidate’s rally on Sunday Ron DeSantis. (The Masters campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

For his part, Masters has attempted to distance himself from one of the more tasteless far-right characters joining his campaign throughout his career. controversial primary, several days after endorsing masters by Andrew Bag, The CEO of far-right social media site Gab, said he was previously unaware of Torba, calling him a “nobody” who “no one cares about.” But Torba, who once declared That he would have preferred to see Masters in the White House over Trump failed to applaud Masters’ tactical return, emphasizing that the two had communicated in the past. “Blake Masters knows exactly who I am. We had a long conversation on Twitter Space Live a few months ago. Mega cringe here, but whatever it is, I still wish he could control Arizona’s greats and the Senate.” Win for the right to do,” he wrote in a deleted gab post earlier this month. Torba’s claim was confirmed last week Jewish Insider Published A clip of the two chatting in a Twitter audio chat. In the recording, Masters can be heard telling Torba that he will “check out” Gab, adding, “I mean, I’ve never used [Gab], I’m definitely not the antagonist—I feel like I’m on the getr. (A Masters campaign adviser reiterated to a Jewish insider that Masters “does not know Torba and rejects his support.”)

Among the most unorthodox Senate candidates to run this cycle, Masters lacks the political experience, celebrity name ID, and personal wealth typically needed to run a successful Senate campaign. But he spent most of his adult life working for a tech billionaire Peter Thiel, with whom Spent At least $15 million to promote the Masters pro Super Pac. Other associates of the Masters include members of so called new rightA loose movement made up of nationalists who hate big technology and free trade, including Tucker Carlson, blogger Curtis Yarwin, And JD Vance, Another Thiel-backed Senate hopeful.

With the race’s general election fast approaching, Masters has attempted to temper some of the more extreme positions he took in the primary. After pushing for the privatization of Social Security in June, They told Arizona Republic This month that he “doesn’t want to privatize Social Security,” adding, “I would never support cutting Social Security. If anything, we should really increase payments because they don’t go that far these days.” mark kelly And Joe BidenCrazy inflation. Their appetite for a harsher national abortion ban has also waned—a Posture he took first Roe vs. Wade Reversed about two months ago. “The federal government should ban late-term abortions, third-trimester abortions, and partial-birth abortions,” he said. Arizona Republic. “Beneath that, the states are going to make different decisions that are going to reflect the will of the people in those states, and I think that’s fair. I think most people, certainly in this state and Across the country, that’s what they’re looking for.”

Still, Masters continues to market himself as a rebellious conservative, planning to use the state to topple America’s liberal social order. “If you are not using any political power to shore up a good society that abides by the rule of law, you will be rolled over,” he said. Having said recently.

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