When is season 4 set and why does the time jump happen?

done by It can be hard to track down at times, and that’s especially true for Season 4, which suggests that there’s a significant time jumping between these new episodes and the last.

HBO The show, which returns Sunday, June 26, follows a whole host of characters in Season 4, including Thandieway Newton’s Maeve Millay, Aaron Paul’s Caleb Nichols, Tessa Thompson’s. Charlotte Hale And Evan Rachel Wood’s new character Christina.

with season 3 Ending the moment when Caleb, Maeve and Wood’s previous character Dolores destroyed the AI ​​system while keeping humanity on a pre-determined path, fans might have expected to see the revolution in full, but co-creator Lisa Joy told newsweek Why was that not something he was interested in.

‘Westworld’ Timeline: When Is Season 4 Set and Why Is the Time Jump?

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Thandieway Newton as Maeve Millay in “Westworld” Season 4, which is set seven years after the events of Season 3.
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Season 4 done by It is set seven years after the events of Season 3, in which the Revolution is complete and humanity is no longer the slave of Rehoboam, who was created by Angerrand Serac (Vincent Cassel).

Rehoboam was an artificial intelligence system that predicted the future of humanity and controlled each individual’s life, determining the exact decisions each individual would make and thus proving that free will was a myth. At least until Dolores, Caleb and Maeve help stop it.

season 3 done by Neo-Los Angeles took place in 2053, so season 4 is set approximately in the year 2060.

Joy, who co-produced the show with husband Jonathan Nolan, explained newsweek While some would have focused on the immediate aftermath of such an event, he felt it would be too “catastrophic”.

“Well, you know, for a lot of people, the big war season will actually be a big focus for this,” reflected Joy when asked about the show’s time jump.

“But, to me, war is the most basic form of tragedy, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just awful, do you know what I mean?

“Nothing, not much that you can find out how devastating it is and how sad it is that people get to the point of, you know, how sad it is that all lives are lost.” And what worries me is the legacy of the war, what do we learn from it? How do we survive it?

“Because throughout history, this cycle of violence has continued, and continues, and continues, you know? The desire to fight that tribalism somehow seems hardcoded into human nature.

“And I didn’t want [Westworld] To be like a sporting spectacle, to see who was going to kick whom, I wanted to find out the outcome of the war and the real costs and effects.”

done by Executive producer Alison Schapker also spoke newsweek Regarding the time jump argument, adding: “Well, I think Jonathan and Lisa have a vision for each season and where they want to emphasize, and I think in the last season, Season 3, It actually almost created this fight against this algorithmic control of Rehoboam.

“And, in some ways, it was a never-ending, you know, a gambit, like the genie was far from the bottle.

“So I think by doing a time jump where we find our characters seven years later, we can allow for a little more honesty because it wasn’t just one night of riots, like a ‘can’ around The long struggle was How do humans get their freedom and put the machines back in their place?’ so to speak.

“Or, you know, at least [can] They create a kind of freedom space around them, and so starting seven years later we can come in and believe ‘Hey, maybe it happened and maybe it’s true.’

“But, one of the things that gets us through Caleb as a character is really that kind of feeling, ‘but is it? [over], And that creeping feeling, ‘or maybe not’, or maybe something else is going on.

“So, I think of course they wanted to start that, and then the other thing I would just say is I think really thematically that we wanted to explore […] If we can’t go back to just one human species, if hosts persist in this new paradigm, what could that relationship be?

“And can hosts ever give away their origins? Like flaws like the fact that they’re a reflection of humans, and can humans themselves really ever evolve into their genetic code? And we’ve certainly His impulses have seen that gambling. So I guess he wanted to do a new chapter.”

Westworld Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO, and episodes will be available to stream on HBO Max.

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Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe in “Westworld” Season 4, which premieres Sunday, June 26 on HBO.
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