What is Shuffles by Pinterest? Score an Invite Code in the Collage App

Considering all the early-stage trends are making a comeback right now, it was only a matter of time before Pinterest took a page out of its 2010 playbook. If you were around when Pinterest first launched in 2010, you know that the app was originally invite-only—which ended in 2012 when Pinterest dropped its exclusive policy and became open to all. Gone. But lo and behold, Pinterest is serving its A-list creators back with the exclusive new Shuffles app. but what is shuffle from pinterest, This is an invite-only app for creating collages from your Pinterest boards. Going by its description, users can do anything from curating fashion inspo to creating mood boards to designing the aesthetics of the room. And it is creating an absolute frenzy among the people wanting to join the platform.

The up-and-coming app broke the internet when creators started posting its epic talk mood boarding capabilities, secret code and uniqueness level. Those lucky enough to hold a code to join the app are rewarded with three (sometimes up to five) invites back to share the code with others.

But why would Pinterest return to its once exclusive status? In recent years, Pinterest has seen a huge wave of users joining the app to increase their followers on other social platforms. Essentially, users re-post an Instagram photo to Pinterest so users can click through and be re-directed to Instagram—essentially exiting the Pinterest app to spend time on another social platform. We can believe the Shuffles app could be Pinterest’s way of rewarding its OG creators getting creative on the app And use it with the right intentions.

how shuffle works

once you Download and open Shuffle, you are asked to log in to your Pinterest account. Next, you’ll see a list of all the Pinterest boards you’ve created. Clicking on the name of the board will open all the pins you have saved. From there, you can choose which photos you want to use to create a new collage. The app is already saving users a lot of time creating digital art. Unlike other maker apps, such as Picsart where you download an image and cut each element by hand, Shuffles recognizes objects and automatically cuts them for you.

Other in-app features include adding text, searching for photos you haven’t already saved in a collage from within the Pinterest app, and reshuffling. Re-shuffling allows users to reshuffle any collage on the app, which will link back inspired by the original creator and create a library of user-generated content that will link back to all of your Pins.

And if you’re still not convinced that the Shuffle is about to come, think again. Users are predicting that the collage-maker will be a major player in success of social media managers and business owners. They envision the tools they use to post challenges, create templates for customers, and deliver gifts.

how to get invite code

Here comes the dice part: snatching a coveted Invite code for shuffle, We did the research, and there are at least four ways to start your Shuffle account.

  1. Ask a Manufacturer: If you know someone in the creative field – think graphic design or digital marketing – keep them close. These are the type of industry professionals who may already have access to the app to give you the code.
  2. Enter a giveaway: On social platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, users are sharing invites through Giveaway. For most, it’s as simple as like, follow, comment or re-share.
  3. shuffle code train: We like a good thread on Reddit or Twitter. If you search for Shuffle, you will find that users are creating threads where people can find the code And leave the codes for others as they receive them—similar to a ‘pay it forward’ system. While this may be the hardest way to grab an invite code, as people are constantly swooping down on codes the second someone posts them, persistence is key. One Shuffles user said it took her about 30 minutes to refresh the page until she was finally able to find a code that wasn’t already used.
  4. Pay Cold, Hard Cash: Believe it or not, there are money makers out there who are locking their invite codes. Some codes go for as little as $2. Others, as much as $120.

If all else fails, you can download the app and hit “Join the Waitlist”. Shuffles will ask to enable notifications, so you’ll be notified once you’ve accepted into the Creator Tools. How long is the waiting list? that no one knows. The intro screen says Shuffles is invite-only right now, so hopefully that means they plan to extend the reach to everyone on the original Pinterest.

Image: Getty Images. Design: Sasha Pardy / StyleCaster.

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