What did Sherry Shepherd learn from Wendy Williams before the show takeover?

Another target for Sherry? Just make the audience smile. “If you depicted the inspiration of . Oprahfun of Ellen, and then you put in all the joy and lightness and laughter, that’s Sherry,” she said. “I want people to feel inspired and better when they come. I want them to say, ‘What is this silly girl going to do today?'”

Learn more from Sherrie—including her reaction news of Ana Navarropromotion of-in the above daily pope Interview. Plus, learn all about her cross-country moves made possible by Hertz’ new box trucks (which may or may not show her face on their sidewalk!).

“Nothing was broken; I packed too much,” added Sherry to the move. “There were customers around, and I said, ‘Let me deliver the stuff.’ I gave out lamps, blowers, and I gave free upgrades because I wanted customers to feel like ‘Let’s go!’ Moment excitement.”

Sherry Premieres Monday, September 12 in national syndication.

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