Von Miller: We have an attitude of domination – NBC Sports

The Bills came into the 2022 season as the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl and the first two weeks of the year have not featured any signs that the expectations for this season are weighing on them.
After routing the Rams on the road to open the season, the Bills returned home on Monday night to dismantle the Titans. The 41-7 win saw the offense firing on all cylinders while the defense shut down Derrick Henry and picked Ryan Tannehill off twice during the blowout win.
Linebacker Von Miller was one of the players the Bills brought in this offseason to help them take the final step to the Super Bowl and his postgame comments focused on how the Bills are looking to make the last two weeks the blueprint for their performances all season.
“It’s a killer instinct; it’s a blood in the water instinct,” Miller said, via Heather Prusak of WIVB. “I don’t know how it was before I got here, but now it’s pedal to the medal We have an attitude of domination. We’re not playing the game to just win the game. We’re playing the game to dominate the game. We’ve got a team full of killers and it’s led by our quarterback and our head coach.”
A date with Miami looms in Week Three and another manhandling will make it hard to come up with much argument for the Bills’ status as the team to beat in the AFC.
Pedal to the metal *
Its pedal to the metal. As in sheet metal that is the floor of the car where the pedal goes…
Bills and everyone else. They stand alone right now. With 15 weeks left to go, way too early to crown them. There will be critical injuries. There will be lows ahead. Let’s revisit come Thanksgiving
Dear riggedkangaroo,
SuperBowl champs defeated, next week number 1 AFC playoff contender last year defeated. And not just winning, but dominating. You willing to bet on Miami next week?
Hey – what can I tell ya’
Ronnie. I’m from SF. I’ve seen what it takes to win 5 superbowls. You have NONE. As in ZERO. It’s September LOL. And no I’m not betting against Buffalo right now. Good luck.
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