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Comparing NBA players with NFL players is always fun — and tricky because basketball and football are two completely different athletic realms. When asked who he thinks is the NFL’s version of Brooklyn Nets superstar forward Kevin Durant, Buffalo Bills pass rusher Von Miller was quick to say that he is the Kevin Durant of pro football, pointing to a few interesting items that overlap each other’s career Venn diagrams.
Via Bleacher Report:
“I love winning. I’ve just created this obsession with winning. I’m not afraid to go to another team to do it. I’ve been on super teams, been playing football for a long time, and all I want to do is win. And I want to put myself in the best winning situation that I possibly can.”
Von Miller also hilariously admitted that like Kevin Durant, he has a social media burner account, so that’s another match between the two superstars of their respective sports. Other comparisons Miller made were LeBron James to Aaron Rodgers and Stephen Curry to Cooper Kupp.
Von Miller has already won two Super Bowl rings. The first one with the Denver Broncos in 2016 and the second with the Los Angeles Rams earlier this 2022. And he is chasing Super Bowl no. 3 with a legitimate contender in the form of the Bills, signing with Buffalo for a six-year deal worth $120 million back in March 2022.  Unlike Durant, though, Von Miller doesn’t come across as huge of an enemy of the people on Twitter as the Nets’ bucket-getter.
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