Von Miller “excited to see” how Bills respond to loss – NBC Sports

Bills linebacker Von Miller has spent more than a decade in the NFL, so he’s well aware that teams don’t make it through entire seasons without having to deal with rough patches.
The Bills hit one of them in Miami on Sunday. After two blowout wins to open the year, the Bills were shorthanded due to injuries and they wilted in the Florida heat during a 21-19 loss to their AFC East rivals.
After the game, Miller’s message was not focused on what went wrong during the loss. Instead, he turned his attention to how the team will learn and grow from coming up short.
“In Buffalo, that’s all we have is football,” Miller said, via the team’s website. “That’s all we care about is football and winning games and a loss like this early in games is good medicine. Adversity like this truly reveals character and we have a team full of tough guys. This is all just adversity and I’m excited to see how we respond. Real men respond to things like this and I’m excited to see how we respond.”
Miller wasn’t alone in trying to turn the page immediately. Tight end Dawson Knox said it was “super encouraging” to see how players fought on Sunday and quarterback Josh Allen said the Bills will “learn from this one” as they prepare to face the Ravens in Week Four.
Now, the Bills have battle tested depth…all the way down to the PS players who started in unfamiliar positions. Great game and a tough weather test that will make them even stronger..
The mighty Bills are making more excuses than imaginable proving they are weak mentally!
You real men all-acted like big babies at the end of the game. Did you think you going to go 17-0?? 🤣🤣
Fun, well-fought game. It felt like the classic battles from 1992. I look forward to the rematch in December. Is there any chance for another 90˚ day for that game? Asking for a friend.
As a Dolphins fan I’ll be the first to tell you the Bills are the most talented team this year and possibly last year. But being the most talented doesn’t mean they’re the best team on the field. They weren’t yesterday. They dominated every offensive stat in the book but couldn’t make key plays when needed. Miami made those key plays. That’s the difference.
Hopefully it’s better than OC did
Tua was falling down after the hit. He definitely had received a concussion. The Dolphins put their agenda over Tua’s by playing him afterwards. No doctor in the world would have sent him back out in good conscience.
If the Dolphins unlikely lose in Buffalo in December in a blizzard, I guarantee they won’t whine, cry and make excuses like the Bills.
It’s all so exciting!
This arrogant team was talking about going undefeated thinking they’re some kind of a juggernaut. Unbelievable.
I’m a huge fins fan (since I was 4,) but they won’t win in Buffalo in December.
I didn’t hear a single Bills player making excuses after that game.
Hard fought division battle, and Miami was due for one of those. The Bills can learn a lot from games like that, and I like Von’s attitude here. Overcoming adversity is important for any team that has championship aspirations.
Tua was falling down after the hit. He definitely had received a concussion. The Dolphins put their agenda over Tua’s by playing him afterwards. No doctor in the world would have sent him back out in good conscience.///////////////1 non-affiliated doctor disagrees with your clinical diagnosis doctor
There were lots of idiot moves in this game by the Bills. I think they didn’t take this game seriously. I was surprised at how indifferent the Bills played.
The one good thing for Buffalo is they’ve lost a lot of pressure of of themselves. The media and fans have been putting this team on a pedestal and being on that pedestal brings a ton of unnecessary pressure. This early season loss eliminates all of that. Good teams bounce back and bad teams fold. I’d expect the Bills to bounce back.
This outcome energy reminds me of last year when they lost to the Patriots at home.
Look who now thinks THEY’RE going undefeated?
Yes. Dolphins fans.
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