(VIDEO) Summer Walker reveals she is pregnant with her second child

Congratulations are in order summer walker, Who’s clashing with baby number two! R&B singer reveals she is expecting her first child with boyfriend LVRD Pharoh on Saturday.

“People are asking me if I’m pregnant,” Summer said. She paused, made a few faces on the screen, then replied, “I am and you know I’m very, very, very happy about it. I am very, very excited about it,” Summer said.

and she says her second pregnancy is giving“Really peaceful, really happy, lots of help, lots of love” Feeling. But, for the summer, this pregnancy is “different than ever.”

By that, she meant her first pregnancy with producer London on the Track, which she recently called “the worst bd on the face of the planet. His reaction to his comment was the allegation that Samar kept his daughter bubbles hostage for two months. Their relationship has seen many hot slang And exchange from before the birth of their daughter in March 2021.

Photos posted by Summer Walker spark pregnancy rumors

despite her heartbreak still on top of it, Summer hasn’t been shy about her feelings for her new boyfriend. He’s the same man he said “grows up” [her] overall quality of life. And LVRD showed us how he’s coming after his bae Damage to Doja Kate At the Billboard Music Awards. matching face tattoo Last November was a moment for the couple even naming each other!

A series of pictures posted by Samar sparked a buzz on the internet. In the pictures, he wore a triangle style top adorned with shells. Shells were also wrapped around her waist on her half-round belly.

Erica Badu Fuels Summer Walker Pregnancy Talks With Repost

Then Erica Badu The rumors didn’t help when she reposted the photos with a lil’ message. She wrote, “And for my next act.” Erica served as Summer’s doula during her pregnancy with Bubbles and Water Birth.

In her video reveal, Samar explains why she decided to welcome the world to her womb business. But, this time around, she wasn’t going to let strangers announce her capture on video or blog.

“And the only reason I’m saying all this is because you know last time I felt so humiliated that people didn’t let me tell myself. People were taking pictures of me in stores,” Summer said .

Like his personal life, things are going well in his career too. The singer has been on tour and performing at several festivals throughout the summer.

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