Val Demings criticizes Marco Rubio’s stance on denying abortion on all counts

democratic representative Val Demings Republican senator from Florida has been lashed out blonde frameHis managing committee Anti-election, to oppose the right to abortion without exception.

Rubio said during an interview with Miami on Thursday that he personally opposes abortion, including against victims of rape or incest. CBS Station WFOR. Although the senator also said he would be ready to “support” laws that included exceptions, Demings tweeted a short time later that Rubio was “obsessed” with the issue and urged voters to “retire” him and seek abortion. Forced to protect the rights of

“Marco Rubio is obsessed with taking away our freedoms,” Demings tweeted, “Losing the right to choose means women’s lives are at risk, doctors can be jailed, and victims of rape and incest can be forced to carry their rapist’s seed. We # RetireRubio will defend and defend the right to choose.”

Earlier this week Demings won the Democratic nomination for a Senate seat in Florida and is expected to Breaking Rubio on November 8th. Some surveys have suggested that the race may be closer than expectedpossibly due to political collapse Supreme courtConservative majority falling down Roe vs. Wade and related Republican efforts to ban abortion.

Rubio defended the decision to overturn the historic 1973 abortion rights case during his WFOR interview, saying that the Court had only decided that “the debate is not going to take place in Washington” and that the decision on abortion rights was instead “state “level.” His stance was less clear on what he would like to see laws enacted in Florida.

Val Demings Marco Rubio Abortion Senate Election
Democratic Senate candidate Val Demings, left, gives a campaign speech on June 28, 2022 in St. Petersburg, Florida; GOP Senator Marco Rubio speaks on Capitol Hill on May 17, 2022 in Washington, DC. Demings accused Rubio of being “obsessed” with banning abortion on Thursday, when the senator announced his personal opposition to the procedure, even in rape cases. or incest.
Left: Octavio Jones, Right: Anna Rose Leyden/Getty Images

Rubio said, “I believe that abortion is the killing of an unborn human being and that all human beings have the right to dignity and the protection of life.” “That said, I have also said that I will support bills that have exceptions. I have in the past and I will in the future. I will support any bill that saves lives.”

“I am in favor of laws that protect human life,” he continued. “I do not believe that the dignity and value of human life is tied to the circumstances of their conception. But I agree that this is not the position of the majority … I understand that this is not an easy issue.”

When pressed whether he would support a full, exception-free ban on abortion in Florida “if it could pass” rather than a bill with exceptions, rubio declined to answer the question and instead reiterated that he believed “human life is worthy of protection.”

The senator also declined to answer a question about his potential support for a federal ban on abortion, pointing out that “the issue is better decided at the state level at this point”. After that “we don’t have votes right now, or any time in the near future” for a federal ban.

newsweek Rubio reached out to the campaign for comment.

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