US gas prices fall, an average of 12 cents in a week

Prices at the pump continue to fall, hitting their lowest level in the last month, as of Monday, American Automobile Ass . According ton,

According to AAA, the US average price for a regular-grade gallon is $4.67, down 12 cents from last week and 34 cents a month ago.

in spite of a expected growth Fuel prices continue to fall on the back of a fall in oil prices, industry experts say in gas demand since July 4.

“Less expensive oil usually means less expensive gas,” AAA spokesman Andrew Gross said in a statement.

But the national average price for gas is still $1.53 higher than last July, AAA data shows.

Gas prices in California, however, are among the highest in the country, with an average price of $6.088 — though still trending below since early this summer, AAA data shows. On June 14, the state average price for regular gas was $6.438.

Mono County, near the central Nevada border, leads the state with an average of $7.01 per gallon at current prices, according to the AAA. The median price in Los Angeles County is $6.148; In San Francisco it’s $6.178; And in San Diego it’s $6.077.

South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi have the lowest average gas prices in the states on Monday, below $4.19, according to AAA.

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