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Tyler Blackburn

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“Alex is alive!” Tyler Blackburn announced in a tweet explaining his absence from several episodes of Roswell, New Mexico Fourth season. He wrote that he took a lot of time off the show to address both general and mental health issues in a Twitter thread on Monday 22 August. He gave many thanks to the many different collaborators on the show, while highlighting why he was not seen in recent seasons. He ended his thread with a major show of gratitude. “I am forever grateful to the people who made this show,” she tweeted,

In addition to thanks to the writers, cast and crew, as well as The CW and Warner Bros., Alex gave a special shout-out to two of his co-stars. “Thank you my knight in shining armor Michael Vlamis and matchless heather hemens For her insane creativity, professionalism and patience. thank you also [Roswell writer’s room] and the whole crew [Roswell] For helping me this season,” he wrote.

After thanking his colleagues, Tyler explained why he dropped out of the show’s fourth season. “I was dealing with intense health issues which, at times, lead to acute mental health issues Season 3 and 4,” he tweeted. “I had to withdraw from filming Season 4 and every single person in the cast and crew, as well as everyone at Warner Bros. and The CW, showed so much compassion.”

Tyler talks about ‘mental health issues’ while shooting the latest season of ‘Roswell’. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Long before addressing the cause of Alex Mannes’ disappearance, Tyler considered filming the most recent season in May. instagram Post. “Stepping into the shoes of Alex Maines was transformative for me in many ways. It helped me open my mind and soul to what love can be. I know Alex’s story helped many people out there as well and its I am honored for that.” “This chapter is closing but I know the impact Roswell has made on the world will live on.”

pretty Little Liars The star appeared in very few episodes of the science-fiction drama’s latest season. He missed many episodes. After starting the season in the first two episodes, he is listed as having “only credits” for eight of the show’s most recent episodes. Tyler’s tweets came after his character returned on the latest episode of the show, which premiered on Monday night.

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