Two homeless people died after colliding with the driver’s tent

Two people believed to be homeless died after a driver crashed into their tent.

A man and a woman living in a homeless tent were killed when a motorist collided with their tent at around 12:40 pm on Tuesday. The incident took place near 5200 Flower St. Exposition Park.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said in a statement that the man drove on a curve and hit the homes of the man and woman. The man was inside one tent and the woman was in the other.

“According to witnesses, his car went somewhat blown up in the air … When his car comes back down and hits the road, he loses control,” the spokesman said. “He runs off the road, over the curb, and into a homeless camp.”

The accused tried to flee from the spot, but was picked up by the police and arrested shortly after the accident. The LAPD spokesperson said, “Just sad and genuinely unfortunate.” “These poor victims are really just concentrating on their business, you know? At home, basically in their tents. Somebody’s sleeping, and somebody’s just resting.”

ABC 7 reports that the suspect could face charges of murder and other charges related to the murder.

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