Twenty people were blamed for the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, which claimed 137 lives

twenty men who participated in the fatal 2015 Paris terror attacks blamed for their roles.

occurred on the evening of the attack November 13 in Paris, France, and claimed the life of 137 peopleIn which seven terrorists are also included. Altogether, 416 people were also injured, The attackers carried out suicide bombings and mass shootings in various areas, including Bataclan Theatre, Cafe and National Stadium of France. Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor Isis The terrorist from that infiltration was found guilty of murder and attempt to murder, among other charges. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

19 other defendants have also been found guilty. Their roles in the massacre varied. Some were charged as accomplices to the murder, while others were convicted of taking hostage and carrying the accused during the attacks. At least one of the men is accused of directly participating in the deadly march. 2016 Brussels attacks, His sentence ranged from two years to life imprisonment. Many went free, credit for serving time.

Abdeslam expressed regret during the trial but said the attacks were carried out as a result of French-led air strikes in Syria. He apologized to the victims but would not condemn the ideology of ISIS. During the chaos, Abdeslam wore a suicide belt, but it wore off.

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