Trumpworld is trying to come to the rescue of Mehmet Oz

The Republican cavalry is coming. Influential Celebrities at Trumpworld Pennsylvania’s GOP is fiercely rallying around the candidate Mehmet Ozu As the reality-TV doctor continues to struggle in his Senate race against lieutenant governor John Fetterman. and also Donald Trump, Those who first supported Oz in April have reportedly lost faith. To Rolling stone, The former president told advisers that Oz would “fucking lose” if he doesn’t change things dramatically. a source who spoke Rolling stone Trump Said “Would Be Incredible” [embarrassed] For Oz if he loses to ‘that guy’ because he thinks so little [Fetterman], They think Fatterman is in worse shape than Biden and is hiding more in his basement [than Joe Biden],

Heeding Trump’s call, Oz’s troubled campaign is now being reinforced by national right-wing figures, as reported by Politico. informed of Friday. Laura Ingraham broadcast Different segments Attacking Fetterman’s appearance this week and portraying him as a freeloader — or, as he kept it, “A trust-funder in a hoodie.” In another segment, Ingraham described Fetterman as “a younger, balder Joe Biden, but in gym-rat clothes”, in contrast to Oz, which he dubbed a “genuine populist”. However, Ingraham also acknowledged that Oz was not his top choice in the Pennsylvania Senate primary, while still calling on Republican voters to support him. “Look, Oz won” [the primary], He’s nominated and he’s wagging his tail,” she said, before stealing a line from Donald Rumsfeld. “In a perfect world…[Oz would] doing better But you fight with the army you have, not the army you wish you had. , Sean Hannity, Another top Fox host plays her part in the race threat To sue Fetterman, whom he wildly accused of defaming her in fundraising texts. “She better hopes mom and dad have enough money to pay their legal bills,” Hannity Told on Tuesday.

Donald Trump Jr. Fetterman’s health also mocked Tweet That Democrats “make Joe Biden look completely clear and healthy.” Just like that, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Stephen Miller, And Steve Bannon passed All raised their attack against the Fetterman campaign on Twitter or other online means. trump planning Oz and the far-right Republican gubernatorial candidate to hold a rally in Pennsylvania next month Doug Mastriano.

Recent polls show that Fetterman maintains a steady lead over Oz, despite amplified questions by Oz—and Republicans—about Fetterman’s recovery from a fatal stroke in May. A recent Franklin and Marshall College survey revealed Fetterman leads by 13 points.

Over the past month, Oz has suffered several self-inflicted publicity blunders, including his now infamous rant about inflation of “crudités”, and his inability to remember How much property does he have? In reply, Ben Shapiro, A popular conservative podcast host, argued That Oz’s immense wealth is actually one of his best features: “You want to cut down on corruption? then it’s good [politicians] To get rich independently before coming to office. Shapiro repeated Oz campaign’s favorite talking point, attacking Faterman’s health and calling him a “leech,” “A.” Bernie Sanders socialist,” and “a giant who is also a loser and a huge loser.”

Earlier this week, the Oz campaign attempted to save face on its crudités—a glorified veggie tray—gaff by mocking Fetterman’s health. “If John Fetterman had ever eaten a vegetable in his life, he probably wouldn’t have suffered a major setback and wouldn’t have been in a position to lie about it constantly,” Having said Rachel Tripp, A Senior Communications Consultant at Oz. Fetterman reacts to Tripp’s comment Tweet“I know politics can be bad, but still, I can never imagine anyone being ridiculed for their health challenges.”

fetterman back on the campaign trail This month marks the first time with a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, and smaller events and fundraisers throughout the state. His campaign is defined by a series of viral attack ads and social media campaigns that have made fun of Oz’s expensive taste and lack of personal ties with Pennsylvania.

Notably, Oz, who now needs help from the former president’s closest aides and supporters, hit back at Fetterman’s successful online campaign with a veiled Trump insult. Oz said, “It’s even easier to do… all that Trump has to do is throw a bomb and the press has to cover it up.” said Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this month.

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