Trump furious over revised affidavit: No mention of ‘nuclear’

former President Donald Trump Criticized the sealed affidavit supporting FBI His residence was searched Friday, destroying those who speculated that national security information was among the documents confiscated from his home.

Trump wrote in a Truth Social post less than once, “Affidavit has been drastically changed!!! NOTHING mentioned on ‘Nuclear’, total public relations by the FBI and DOJ, or ours in relation to the document business.” Close working relationship – we owe them a lot.” One hour after sealing the document.

The former president continued, “Judge Bruce Reinhart should never have allowed my house to be ransacked. He recused himself from one of my cases two months ago.” “What changed? Why didn’t he? distanced himself in this case, Obama should be so proud of that right now!”

On Friday, 18 days after agents raided Trump’s Florida home, Reinhart opened a revised version of the underlying document supporting the search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago earlier this month. you can read the affidavit Here,

Trump nuclear affidavit Mar-a-Lago
Above, former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin on August 5, 2022. “The affidavit has been heavily amended!!!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.
Scott Olson / Getty Images

While parts of the 38-page affidavit were modified, Fox News Correspondent David Spunt was surprised by how much the document was publicized. Justice Department (DOJ), noting that it “has not changed nearly as much as some thought it might have been.”

The affidavit showed that federal officials argued they had probable cause to believe that evidence of obstruction was to be found at Mar-a-Lago’s compound and that “additional documents that contain classified NDIs” were to be found at Trump’s home in Florida. Remained as it is.

Although the document did not disclose identity Of the DOJ’s witnesses, another court unsealed Friday noted that there were “several” people who “contributed to the search for probable cause.”

Prosecutors wrote that it was essential that those names remain private so that those witnesses would not be subjected to “retaliation, threats, or harassment, and even threats to their physical safety,” which Reinhart himself described. was noted “this case was not hypothetical.”

Investigators said in the affidavit that 67 documents at Mar-a-Lago were confidential, 92 marked secret, and 25 marked top secret, as well as “handwritten notes”. They concluded that “probable reason exists to believe that evidence, prohibited substances, fruits of the offense, or other items illegally placed in violation will be found on the premises.”

The document also revealed that the FBI had not asked Trump to put a strong lock on the storage room at his Florida home, as claimed by the former president’s team, but requested that the room be secured. Nevertheless, the video showed people moving in and out of the basement room.

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