Trump aide suspicious of Jared Kushner’s cancer diagnosis

There are doubts about former Trump adviser Peter Navarro Jared KushnerK’s cancer revelation and thinks the former president’s son-in-law is using the diagnosis to help sell his upcoming memoir.

When asked why Kushner would not tell the former president? Donald Trump About having thyroid cancer, Navarro told newsmax“That thyroid thing that came out of nowhere.”

“I saw that guy every day. There’s no indication he was in any pain or danger or whatever. I think it’s just sympathy to try to sell your book now,” he said Thursday night. , he believes Kushner’s book is a “novel.”

In Kushner’s new book, Breaking History: A White House MemoirThe former senior adviser to the President revealed that he was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer while working at the White House in October 2019.

Memoirs According to Kushner Tried to hide cancer from TrumpBut her father-in-law eventually found out.

newsweek Contacted HarperCollins Publishers for comment.

Jared Kushner Cancer Navarro
Former President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner reveals in his new book that he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while working at the White House. Above, Kushner attends a press briefing at the White House on September 4, 2020 in Washington, DC
Drew Anger / Getty Images

Navarro, who Helped Lead the Trump Administration’s Response Kushner has been critical of his White House aide in the past, for the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday, he called Kushner a “one-man wrecking crew” and said his “only qualification was that he was the boss’s son-in-law.” Navarro alleged that Kushner “will take credit for every success we have” but then blames others whenever the administration fails.

“From time to time, whether it’s campaign mismanagement, pandemic mismanagement, taking too much credit for NAFTA, taking too much credit for the Abraham Agreement,” the Trump loyalist said. “I mean, the guy was just 36 when he went there without any training, when he was 36.”

While Navarro has been vocal about the tension between himself and Kushner, it was reported Vanity Fair That Navarro was only appointed by Trump after Kushner read his book The Economist cooled death from china,

On Wednesday, the Justice Department sued Navarro, seeking to force the former business adviser to turn over communications sent and received while working at the Trump White House.

According to the lawsuit, Navarro had a personal email account that he used to “incorrectly maintain” documents that were to be turned over to the National Archives. Prosecutors say those communications include about 200 to 250 emails.

“Mr. Navarro has refused to return any presidential records that he has granted exemption to the act of returning such documents,” prosecutors said.

The lawsuit states that federal officials attempted to obtain a copy of the email. Navarro and his legal team But that the former officer refused unless he was given immunity in exchange for communication.

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