Trial begins in 2020 shooting death of 7-year-old Kennedy Maxi

A robbery. happened outside Phipps Plaza Prosecutors say a man became enraged, and as a result, a barrage of gunfire that ended with a young girl, who had gone out for Christmas shopping with her family, was fatally shot. Was.

On December 21, 2020, kennedy maxiAt the age of 7, her aunt was shot in the back seat of her car. He died the day after Christmas.

Daquan Reed faces charges of felony, felony assault with a deadly weapon, damage to criminal property, possession of a firearm in the course of a crime, and possession of a firearm by a convicted criminal. His trial began on Friday.

Prosecutor Pat Ducher said in his statement, “In anger at being robbed of his cellphone and money, the defendant, a convicted felon, Dacan Reed, raised his Glock 9mm pistol and fired it from the rear passenger seat of a black Acura.” opening statement.

Prosecutors had several witnesses, where they detailed the sequence of events; Reed was robbed outside a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Phipps prior to the shooting.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, jurors then heard from Kennedy’s mother Maria Maxie and Aunt Jade Maxi.

“I was like making a fuss with Kennedy because she didn’t even want to go shopping,” Maria Maxi said. “She wanted to go to her father’s house.”

Kennedy was in the car with his aunt and mother when they stopped at a red light when shots were fired. Maria Maxi soon noticed that her daughter was not responding.

Jade Maxi was immediately rushed to the hospital, where Kennedy Maxi died five days later.

“I will never forget (that day),” said Jade Maxi. The three of them went shopping on the first day of winter break from Kennedy’s school. The girl lived in Cobb County and was studying at Sedalia Park Elementary School.

After the shooting, Reid got rid of the gun and told people not to talk to the police before leaving the area. He was detained by the US Marshals Service in Virginia and then extradited to Georgia a month later.

Reid’s attorney, Nicole Fegan, argued that there was no material evidence against him to prove any guilt. She described Kennedy’s death as “horrific,” but said her client was innocent.

“I believe that you will come back with a verdict that speaks the truth on Dakan Reed’s behalf and that is that he is innocent,” she said. “He is not guilty of every count charged.”

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