Tree Turner has a fun challenge to win

Tree Turner #6 of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates with her teammates in the dugout after hitting a home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the sixth inning at Chase Field on May 27, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Dodgers won 6-4.
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Many shortstops are currently among MLB’s best hitters.

It’s relatively new, though: for years, it wasn’t seen as a condition exclusively associated with great hitters.

only Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Miguel Tejdaand a few others accumulating top hitting stats for a while Fernando Tatis Jr., xander bogarts, Carlos Correa, Corey Seeger, Marcus Semienand broke into the other scene.

Is one of the hitting stars to dominate the league from shortstop position Los Angeles Dodgers, tree turner,

The quickest free agent can do it all with a bat in his hands: he can hit for average and power, he can work a walk, he can pull off a perfectly established bunt, he can take his position. can keep it in the field sufficiently, and it can move like the wind.

Oh, and he can score runs like few others.

This season, partly because the Dodgers are now using him in the middle of the lineup, he has added another dimension to his game: he is now driving in the runs.

A good milestone for Turner

As a result, he is very close to a spectacular milestone: 100 runs and 100 RBI.

,Dave Roberts Tonight again brought a potential milestone for Tree Turner: 100R and 100 RBI. He is at 80 R, 85 RBI after tonight,” tweeted Dodgers insider Fabian Ardaya.

He posted his tweet with a list of players attached: Shortstops to score and drive at least 100 runs since 2000.

There are 13 such seasons, but only six to name: bo bicheteMiguel Tejada, nomar garciaparraAlex Rodriguez, Xander Bogarts, and Hanley Ramirez,

Currently only Bichette and Bogarts are active.

The great Garcíapara was hit with injuries but was an impressive producer at his peak.

The same can be said of Tejada and Ramirez, not to mention the Hall-of-fame caliber A-Rod.

If he maintains his current pace, Turner has a decent shot at being named seventh on that list.

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