Tori Spelling, Jenny Garth Remember ‘90210’ Co-Stars Denise Dowsey – Deadline

Dennis Downeywho had a recurring role Beverly Hills, 90210 As for Vice Principal Yvonne Teasley, died at the age of 64 after contracting meningitis. after his death, zucchini spelling And jenny garth Honoring his memory by remembering how it was working with him on the sets.

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it was on them 90210MG Podcast where they expressed that they were “shocked” that Dowsey had died.

Garth said, “It’s unbelievable to me and I can’t imagine how devastated her family, her sister, everyone who knew her is. It’s just shocking – I feel like these kind of deaths.” are the hardest.”

Spelling said it was difficult for her to post about Dowsey and that while checking the actor’s Instagram profile, someone posted from his account made her feel for a moment that “maybe she’s still there.”

Noting the time he spent with Dow filming the Fox drama, Garth said, “There was just something about Dennis that was so easy.”

“She was like your best friend and she would show up on set and then she would be in a scene… it was so natural to work around and with her,” she continued.

Spelling said she can still remember Dowsey’s smile and remember she had a dramatic scene with him.

“Working with him was so easy and so exhilarating,” Spelling recalled of working with Dowsey. “She knew I was super nervous and that day was like, ‘Thank God the big scene was with her.’ She always gave great hugs on the sets.”

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