Tony Sirico, Paulie Hazel of The Sopranos, has died

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Sirico was born in 1942 in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. In his youth, he fell in with “the wrong kind of people”, as he put it in an interview, and eventually found himself with 28 arrests. He served twice in prison- first for illegal arms possession, second for armed robbery. But it was during that second segment, in the early 1970s at Sing Sing Prison, where he saw a theatrical performance by a group of ex-convicts. Realizing he could do better, he felt that only two prison sentences on 28 arrests meant he had some natural charisma. Plus, “You get a lot of practice in prison. I used to stand in front of these cold-blooded killers and kidnappers and make them laugh, as they once said Los Angeles Times,

He leaned into what he knew, playing tough guys. Having taken up work as an extra (including on .) The Godfather: Part II), he played on television shows such as . started landing roles in kozakiIn James TobackClassic New York Indie Fingers (starring) Harvey Keitel), goofy fashion world satire so fine with Ryan O’NeillAnd, finally, a small role (as Tony Stax) Martin Scorsese1990’s Lonestar (and Significant Influence) for All Future Mafia Movies the Sopranos, goodfellas,

In 1994 he played a pivotal role, mixing comedy and Italian gangster tropes. Woody Allen‘s Bullets on Broadway, Alan and Sirico worked together a total of seven times, most recently. wonder wheel in 2017 (he was very much against the type playing a police officer Harry’s Reconstruction,

that in the beginning auditioned For the part of Uncle Junior the Sopranos in 1997, but the listener David Chase finally went along dominican chinese, When Chase coped with the part of Paul Gualtieri, Sirico agreed on the condition that the character would never become a rat.

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