Tim Mitchell likely against Rebecca Clayfish – GOP poll

Mike Pence-backed candidate for Wisconsin Rebecca Klefisch has a slight lead Donald TrumpPick Tim Michels, according to the latest polls.

a survey by Emerson College Voting found that 36 percent of Republican primary voters in Wisconsin supported former lieutenant governor Klefisk over Mitchell, while the Trump-backed millionaire businessman had the support of 34 percent of voters.

The other candidates lagged, Timothy Ramthun with 8 percent of Republican voters, Kevin Nicholson 6 percent, and Adam Fisher only 1 percent.

Some 14 percent of voters were still undecided, but a majority of voters—41 percent—said they were inclined to vote for Clifffish, while 39 percent were inclined to support Mitchell’s candidacy.

Tim Mitchell's Rebecca Klefisco
Rebecca Clayfish is looking ahead of Tim Mitchell in recent polls. In the composition image above, Mitchell and Clayfish, the GOP primary candidate for the Wisconsin gubernatorial election, stand opposite each other.
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Another Round for Trump Vs Pence

Tuesday’s face-off between Clayfish and Michelle is the latest political battle between Trump and pencewho are once again endorsing different candidates in the GOP primary.

The former President and his former No. 2 has been evident since the final weeks of Trump’s administration, and it has only deepened since then. Since June 2021, Pence has repeatedly said that Trump was wrong to claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, a claim that has since been dismissed.

In an apparent attempt to distance himself from his former boss, Pence is also backing candidates who are opposed to those embraced by Trump, with mixed results.

In May, Pence Backed Candidate for Georgia Brian Kempo defeated the likes of Trump David Perdue,

But in Arizona, Trump’s choice for the state’s gubernatorial election, former television anchor Kari Lake won the primaries last week against Pence’s candidate Karin Taylor Robson, securing the GOP nomination for November’s election, against Robson’s 44 percent. There were 46.8 percent of the vote.

Lake’s victory was a significant success for Trump, who triumphed over the Republican establishment backing Robson. Lake declared his victory “a political earthquake”.

How much does supporting Trump weigh?

Michels’ endorsement of Trump has significant implications for only half of Wisconsin’s Republican voters, according to Emerson College polling.

Some 39 percent of Republican voters said that support for the former president made them more likely to support a candidate, while 11 percent said support for Trump made them less likely to support a candidate.

Nearly half of voters said their vote was not affected by the support of a candidate for Trump.

On Saturday, Trump traveled to Wisconsin to rally in support of Michelle, delivering a 90-minute speech that touched on false claims that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged and stolen.”

“As your governor, Tim will crack down on violent crime, and he won’t play the game,” Trump said, as reported fox 6 Milwaukee. “He will fight to reduce rising energy costs, create jobs, guarantee free and fair elections. Elections will be free and fair.”

“Clayfish don’t have what beats it Tony EversTrump said, referring to the challenge represented by the Democratic governor seeking re-election in Wisconsin.

Curiously, Michels has never been clear about whether he believes Trump’s claims about the 2020 election. When asked if he thought the presidential election had been plagiarized during an interview on WTAQ-AM, Michelle replied, “Maybe.” Clayfish, on the other hand, has repeatedly claimed that the 2020 election was stolen, as far as filing a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Election Commission in November 2021 is concerned.

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