TikToker Josh Richards shares his reaction to Cooper Noriega’s death

cooper noriega will not be forgotten.

after two weeks TikToker passed away at the age of 19his friend Josh Richards Shared how he felt about the loss.

“It’s obviously, like, dealing with one of those impossible things, losing a friend,” he said. Fox podcast on June 22. “You really don’t expect this to happen to you at 20.”

Josh, who is also an influencer on TikTok with 25 million followers, showed support for Cooper’s family in the midst of his grief and commended them for founding Cooper’s Advice, an organization that serves Cooper’s memory through meaningful projects. dedicated to keeping it alive.

“I’m really happy that the family is doing the foundation,” he said. “I know Cooper has always really wanted to do this, so yeah, just keep living for Coop.”

According to Cooper’s family, the foundation “will always honor his legacy.”

“From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone for your overwhelming support and love for Cooper,” he shared in a statement. instagram Last week. “To see Cooper’s impact and the impact he continues to have on many people around the world has been incredible. We will continue to spend the rest of our lives pursuing Cooper’s dream. We will always honor his legacy.”

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