TikTok and Ticketmaster come together in new partnership to provide users with a way to find event tickets

TIC Toc And ticketmaster Coming together to provide a new way for people to search, discover and buy tickets for events.

clothing, apparel, material; What else can you buy through social media platforms these days? Well, tickets, finally. In a new partnership, TikTok and Ticketmaster are coming together to create an in-app feature that allows users to search and purchase event tickets individually. They will also have the ability to add destination links to their videos, Tech Crunch.

Only a certain number of users will be able to experience the feature at launch, but Ticketmaster says more users will have access later throughout the year. All users have to do is click the “Add Link” button after selecting the Ticketmaster option before posting their video content. A user can then add the video to their video by selecting “Add to Video”.

The following prompts will then take users to Ticketmaster’s website, where they can purchase tickets for the specific event or others.

The mission behind the partnership is to provide users with even greater access to events.

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