Three shots at a Six Flags parking lot in Gurney, Illinois

Officials said three people were shot during the closure on Sunday in the Six Flags Great America parking lot in Gurney, Ill.

Several ambulances rushed to the scene as videos posted on social media showed people crouching down and trying to hide, CBS News informed of.

A spokesman for the park said the shots came from the same vehicle that had been chipped. Chicago Tribune, The Tribune said two victims were taken to hospital and the third refused treatment. Police did not release details such as age or gender.

The Tribune said the Gurney Police Department had removed visitors and employees from the park and officers were investigating Sunday night.

The shooting took place around 7:50 pm outside the 300-acre theme park, which has 17 roller coasters and a water park.

“Park security personnel and officers at Gurney Police Department substation responded quickly,” park spokeswoman Rachel Kendjiora said. CNNadding that the scene was being handled by Gurney Police and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

“There is no indication at this time that this is an active shooter,” Lake County Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli told CNN.

On hearing the gunshots, the people of the park ran, although at first some people did not recognize them.

“I thought the fireworks were on immediately,” Witness Charlie Donda told CBS News, ‚ÄúThen we saw hundreds of people running. It was quite scary, but we are safe.”

Gurney is in Lake County, which is in the same jurisdiction, about an hour north of Chicago by car. Massacre at Highland Park 4th of July Parade.

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