“There really just are no words”: Woman whose home was destroyed in Anne Heche accident offers condolences

Lynn MitchellLos Angeles woman whose home was set on fire last week in a tragic automobile accident who eventually died Anne HecheAfter the news of the death of the actress took to Instagram.

“The news of Anne Heche’s passing is devastating. Her family and her friends and her children, in particular, have been at a really great loss, and my heart cries out for them,” she said in a short video.

“This whole situation is just sad and there really are no words. I am sending love to everyone involved,” she continued.

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This material can also be viewed on the site Born From.

a neighbor who talked to reporters The aftermath of the accident said that Michelle was “extremely lucky” that she was in an isolated room at the time of the accident. The house caught fire “almost immediately” after Heche’s Mini Cooper was slammed, and went “almost all the way”.

Mitchell sought medical help for minor injuries after the accident.

A previous video by Michele offered “thank you for the love and compassion and generosity and kindness that people have shown over the past week”. She said she was “trying to figure out from the bottom up” after “the most insane, painful time”.

He ended his message with a shot of his two dogs, who survived the incident. A pet turtle is fine too, but staying with a friend.

instagram content

This material can also be viewed on the site Born From.

Michelle uploaded these videos to her business account, Creative Organization, a service that helps people de-clutter their homes. (The before and after page is impressive!) Michelle’s friends have even organized one gofundmewhich has already exceeded its target.

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