‘The Umbrella Academy’: The Darkest Moment of Tom Hopper and Amy Raver-Lampman Break Down Season 3

In a season of television that includes the literal end of the world, multiple death scenes, and some mild elder abuse, the darkest moments Umbrella Academy Season 3 takes place in episode 5, “Kindest Cut”. Written by Elizabeth Paddon and directed by Sylvian White – and spoilers before this point – A broken Allison (Amy Raver-Lampman) uses her powers in an attempt to force Luther (Tom Hooper) to sleep with her, going so far as to kiss her against her will Is.

“That scene was really challenging in the best of ways,” Raver-Lampman told Decider. “Sylvain White, who was directing us on that episode, and Tom and our incredible camera crew, they were all really aware and sensitive to the subject.”

It stops shortly after the rape, but it certainly comes close, and could easily be classified as an assault. It’s a moment that was paged but open to interpretation, something that Hooper noted “could go a variety of ways.”

“In the script, it was written that Allison contacts Luther, and it’s all about the physical … she’s coming at him,” Hopper continued. “Through the rehearsals, we were like, it’s all about her wanting to take back the power. She’s going, ‘No, I want to take control of the situation again, because I’m so out of control. I need to control something.’ And she just stood there and spoke. And she had all the power over this big man, Luther.”

Throughout the season so far, Allison is constantly breaking down mentally, while her powers grow physically. It all stems from a revelation in the second episode of the season, where Allison learns that the new timeline the team has traveled does not include her daughter, Claire (Coco Assad). With every attempt to return to her own timeline interrupted by her own family at the rival Sparrow Academy, or Umbrella Academy, Allison becomes deep and furious in a situation that, as Hopper noted, is beyond her control. Is.

“It’s a really big turning point for Allison,” Raver-Lampman said. “That’s where we really see how far she is in handling her trauma and her crumbling emotional state.”

This moment is especially worth watching because the first two seasons of the series heavily influenced the romance between Allison and Luthor. Although the other members of The Umbrella Academy have a lot of fun teasing Luther about loving his “sister” (they’re not really related, just raised together), Season 1 saw Allison break up with her husband. found isolated, while pining uncertain about a relationship with Luther; And Season 2 she was married to a man in 1963 before reuniting with the rest of the team. In Season 3, after Allison left her husband in 1963, lost her daughter to timeline shenanigans, and perhaps the breaking point, Luthor is now with Sparrow Academy member Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez).

“Even when she’s not getting along with the rest of the family, even though everything seems to be falling apart over the past few seasons, she always has Luthor on hand,” Raver-Lampman said. “He’s always had this understanding and this connection that she’s not really with anyone else. And so when she cheats on him like that, it’s really, really heartbreaking.”

Both actors commended the cast and crew for allowing them to have a “really safe working environment back in the day”, especially noting that they had to rehearse and film the harsh moment at times. And as it leaves things, the romance between Alison and Luthor seems to be on the mend. By the end of the season, Luthor is married to Sloane (though she disappears after another Timeline reset), and Allison is reunited with her husband, Ray (Joseph Gatewood), and their daughter since 1963. But it’s this moment in Episode 5 that really puts the lid on the whole thing, once and for all.

“Kinds turn it off, because it says it really shouldn’t,” Hopper said. “It is not right and it felt wrong because it happened on so many levels. But that’s not really what they both want. It’s the kind of protective shield he has that comes across from both sides in another weird, outrageous way. ,

Raver-Lampman agreed, saying, “I think we played Luther and Allison’s romantic beat. And I also think they both found deep, complete, genuine love. The Luther/Allison talk was a sexier than ever.” There wasn’t a relationship. It was a really deep connection, but they’ve really found lust and love with other people, which is… just different. They’ll always have a special relationship, but the romance part of it is probably dead, And I think it may be Allison’s fault.”

Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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