The Seahawks have their sights set on 2023

Seattle Seahawks fans in the stands before a game against the Detroit Lions at Lumen Field on January 02, 2022 in Seattle, Washington.
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Seattle Seahawks Looks like a team that is ready to accept its 2022 season and get ready for the 2023 season.

While some may object to that statement, the steps he has taken speak loud and clear about his plans.

First, he sent Russell Wilson For the Denver Broncos, who picked the team several times in the first and second rounds.

The trade also gave him several Broncos players, including quarterback. Drew Lock,

After business, let the team ya Bobby Wagner Go, a key player in the Seahawks’ defense for years.

These are the first moves that have indicated that Seattle is looking to 2023.

The 2022 NFL Draft Moves Show Seattle Is Planning for 2023

Seahawks fans were looking for their team to draft a quarterback to help the team at least in 2022.

However, the team did not draft a quarterback at any point in the draft.

With chances at quarterbacks such as Matt Coral and Malik Willis, the team instead used their picks on Boy Mafey, Kenneth Walker III and Abraham Lucas.

They are clearly rebuilding in other areas before, as the 2023 NFL Draft promises to be the best quarterback class.

But in order to land a suitable spot to draft quarterback next year, he needs to fail this season.

So it looks like Seattle is gearing up for that top pick and a new quarterback next season.

However, there’s more going on in Seattle that should prepare Seahawks fans for even more bad news.

DK Metcalf is still without a contract extension

Pete Carroll is hopeful of a new deal with the Seahawks and wide receiver DK Metcalf.

He also understands that the weeks surrounding the OTA were crucial for the expansion.

However, a full month later and Metcalfe is nowhere close to a new expansion deal.

This can be worrying for fans who love the young receiver.

While there is no new deal, it has been said how happy the young star receiver is with Seattle and that it will take a lot to get him out of Seattle.

But can Seattle decide to move on, even if their receiver wants to stay with the team, but for more money?

While it seems unlikely, something else may indicate that something as terrifying may one day become a reality.

Seahawks for sale in the future?

While Jody Allen has denied reports from the Seattle Seahawks, he left some room for speculation of a future sale of the team.

His statement about former owner Paul Allen’s wealth could possibly take 10 to 20 years to dissipate, leading People to anticipate the sale of the team one day.

However, if this is the plan for the future, devaluing the team now is a bad idea for any potential sale to the Seahawks.

Whatever’s going on with the Seahawks, he might not be on the team.

Without that necessary passion, the team will continue to suffer.

It is also the strongest indicator that Seattle is looking towards 2023 this year.

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