The Raiders have the best tickets in sports

An Oakland Raiders helmet during their game against the St. Louis Rams at the O.Co Coliseum on August 14, 2015 in Oakland, California.
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

looking for things Las Vegas Raiders,

They are in a great market which makes it easy for them to attract a worldwide audience.

The team has also improved on both sides of the ball. davante adams And Chandler Jones,

Raiders have also retained their core by signing Derek Carey, hunter renfroAnd Max Crosby for contract extension.

Likewise, they’ll have an aggressive-minded head coach in Josh McDaniels, who has helped the New England Patriots win multiple Super Bowl titles.

Aside from those changes, they make their season-ticket holders feel like royalty.

It’s hard to beat their packaging which begins with a silver box emblazoned with the team’s logo.

From there, they will see former Raiders players and personnel who are part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

There Are Some Great Raiders in the Hall of Fame howie long, Marcus Allen, dave casperAnd jerry rice,

As the ticket holder opens the box, they will see bundles of tickets containing tickets for each regular season game.

The box itself can also serve as a night light which adds to its functionality.

In fact, it’s a perfect treat for the most loyal Raiders fans.

give the best experience

The franchise owes its fans a thrilling experience like no other, especially because most of them hail from California.

Therefore, they want to make sure that those traveling from Los Angeles or Oakland will have a great experience.

However, nothing beats the feeling of watching your favorite team win.

It’s an experience that no other treat or special season ticket packaging can top.

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