The Mariners are engaged in a postseason preview

Carlos Santana of the Seattle Mariners bats #41 during the seventh inning against the Cleveland Guardians at T-Mobile Park on August 25, 2022 in Seattle, Washington.  The Seattle Mariners won 3–1.
(Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Seattle Mariners They are right in the running for the second year in a row after the season, only this time, they actually make it to the playoff position.

Beginning a four-game weekend set with the Cleveland Guardians yesterday, Seattle won the finals 3–1.

This was the first of seven matches they would play against each other over the next 10 days.

What makes it interesting is that if the post season starts today, it will be the number 3-6 seed matchup in the American League wild card series.

These two clubs could play for big bets in October, as Bob Nightingale pointed out on Twitter.

Post-season preview?

This could be an interesting matchup in October.

These will be the two teams that fly under the radar to get there if they actually meet in the first round.

The Guardians were pretty short last year postseason, finishing 80-82 and were somewhat quiet during the offseason and on trade deadlines.

The Mariners came out of nowhere and went 90-72 a year earlier, just two games short of the final wild card spot in the AL.

This year, after a terrific start, they have made a comeback and now find themselves really in playoff position.

Seattle has not reached the postseason since 2001, when they were knocked out by the New York Yankees in the ALCS after winning 116 games in the regular season.

These two teams will be gearing up for an interesting post-season matchup this year.

Depending on the seeding, the Guardians will host three games in the wild card round, but the Mariners have some specific pitching that cannot be counted.

We will see what the next few days bring with this matchup.

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