The ICU nurse who killed six people in an L.A. car accident is facing 90 years in prison for six counts of manslaughter and five counts of gross vehicular manslaughter

ICU The nurse who killed six people in a horrific 100 mph crash, including a pregnant woman, her unborn child and her one-year-old son, will be charged with manslaughter and could face up to 90 years in prison. That is, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon announced Monday.

37 years old Nicole L. linton Currently held on $9 million bond Century Regional Detention Center In linwood, california, after his release from medical supervision. Gascon said he would be charged with six counts of manslaughter and five counts of felony homicide.

According to police, Linton slammed his car into five other vehicles while traveling at a speed of 100 mph at an intersection. Windsor Hills.

At the scene of the accident, 23-year-old ashray ryanEight months pregnant woman declared dead along with her one year old son Alonzo Luchiano Quintero and his unborn child.

People close to the family told that renaldThe father of the unborn child was killed in the collision, when the vehicle was cut in half in the collision.

Asheri, Reynald and little Alonzo were on their way to a doctor for an antenatal check-up when an allegedly intoxicated driver hit the vehicle they were in.

witness to the collisioncharacter johnson, The crash caught Linton sitting on a nearby sidewalk, with burning debris in the background.

Linton had only minor wounds, including blood, near the head, according to Johnson, who criticized the woman’s driving.

Investigators are testing Linton’s blood to determine if she was under the influence during the fatal collision.

According to a friend of Linton’s, she got into her car after “drunking” and “fighting” with her boyfriend before crashing into traffic.

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