The deputy was fatally shot while attempting to serve eviction papers

A sheriff’s deputy was killed and another seriously injured while attempting to serve an eviction notice at a home in Oklahoma.

“This is a sad day for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Tommy Johnson III said during a news conference. “Law enforcement, it’s a tight community, and I’m so grateful they were screaming for my people across the state.”

public representatives involved were described Oklahoman reports that as experienced officers who have been with the department for more than 20 years. The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said the two were shot outside an Oklahoma City home on Monday while serving a lockdown order, which is part of the eviction process. Facebook,

“We had two deputies who were serving papers, lockdown papers, approached the person at the front door and then went to the back door and that’s when the shooting started,” Johnson continued.

“The first deputy was shot, the second deputy tried to shoot that deputy out of the bullets and then he was also killed.”

Both men were taken to OU Medical Center, where a deputy, Sgt. Bobby Swartz was pronounced dead.

According to a video previously shared on Facebook, Swartz joined the sheriff’s office in December 1997. Earlier he was in the Army Reserve.

The second deputy has not been identified. He was said to be in “stable condition” as of Monday evening.

Police said that the accused fled from the spot after firing, after which he chased for some time. He was later detained at Tinker Gate at Tinker Air Force Base with the assistance of “multiple agencies”, police said. The suspect could not be immediately identified and was taken to the district hospital.

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