The Artist Behind TV’s Biggest Change

Vincent Van Dyke There’s a triple Emmy nominee this year, which also means she’s competing against her own act in the excellent-prosthetic-makeup category. But that’s not a bad problem, he says. “They’re very different in general, the show. So it’s almost hard to compare them in so many ways.”

Indeed, his work over the past season includes stellar sci-fi creatures Star Trek: Picard, aging work Angelina, And the micro prostheses needed for the political chain gaslit, A trio of projects that couldn’t be more different. This isn’t the first time this veteran creator (who now has a total of 11 nominations with one win) has competed against his work either: in 2020 he was nominated for American Horror Story: 1984, Hollywood, And Picard, win for later.

So while his work can be seen on the small screen, Van Dyke says he often takes pride when it goes unnoticed. Van Dyke says, “Often, my favorite stuff we’ve ever done is the type of work you didn’t know we were even there for,” says Van Dyke. “Maybe it’s a subtle nose bridge or it’s something that’s enough to help make the character into something more, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that there’s prosthetics involved.”

Here, Van Dyck breaks down his eponymous work, revealing the creative ways he and his collaborators were able to bring aliens, politicians, and a 700-pound man to life.

angelan (Enrollment, 2022)

The aging star was one of Van Dyke’s main works on the Peacock series about LA icon Angeline Emmy Rossum Up and down for a series that follows the character ages 17 to 70. “It’s a huge, broad spectrum of ages,” he says. “It’s never been seen that Amy doesn’t have any kind of artificial makeup. Even in that youngest look, she has a nose.”

It wasn’t just Rossum who had to get older, but the supporting actors. And because Angeline was known to have had plastic surgery, her character couldn’t be counted on to show the right way in time. van dyke says angelan make up artist Kate Bisco Give it the best he can when he says that some of these other characters are actually the perfect aging criteria. “You have such characters Martin Freemancharacter, which is naturally getting a lot older,” he says. “And it’s registered with you.”

While Van Dyke also worked on Rossum’s chest prosthetics, she says age makeup is by far her favorite part of her work, and the most challenging. “We all know what humans look like as we age. We are around people every day. So it is very easy to make something that seems a little off, not look like it is hitting the mark,” He says. “I think because it’s so challenging I can continue to love it because I never feel like I’m killing it. I’ve always felt like I’m pursuing this goal of trying to make something that feels as real as possible.”

gaslit (Enrollment, 2022)

On Starz’s political thriller gaslit, had to work with van dyke Cashew Hero, The Oscar-winning prosthetics and makeup maestro behind dark hour And blast. “He is someone I have on a pedestal as one of the best. So when we are able to work with him, it is quite an honor,” Van Dyke says.

Van Dyck was tasked with creating the prosthetic pieces after it was designed by Kazoo, and he paid a lot of attention to it. Sean Penncharacter of John Mitchell, Nixon’s attorney general and the president of his presidential campaigns. “It’s a new set of prosthetics for every day—they’re destroyed after removal at the end of the day,” he says.

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