The 3 MLB Teams That Helped the Most Out of the Extended Playoffs

An MLB logo is seen before a game between the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on May 22, 2022 in Anaheim, California.
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in his latest collective agreement agreement, mlb And the Players Association agreed to extend the playoffs.

this decision couple Both leagues have another wild card team in the mix, meaning three teams that are not divisional winners can now make it.

It was a major change that encouraged borderline MLB playoff teams to push a little harder to make it.

Now, with the All-Star break approaching, it is becoming clear who could benefit the most.

Here are three teams that could be very grateful for the extended playoff picture.

3. Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have not made the playoffs since 2001When he won 116 games.

Last year, with a 90-72 record, the team was just a few games short of the second wild card spot.

Now, they are again in the same position as they are in a tight race to make the final playoff spot.

However, with the MLB playoffs extended this season, the Mariners have a better chance of making it to that spot.

Mariners are led by a rookie sensation Julio Rodriguez who has been campaigning with the first baseman so far ty france Joe has become one of the best players in the league in this position.

His pitching staff has also quietly put together a good weatherled by veteran Robbie Ray and sophistication arm Logan Gilbert,

With all this, the Mariners are shaping up to be a playoff squad.

It’s no secret that the AL East is strong this year, and all three are strong candidates to fill the wild card spot.

Despite this, the faltering Toronto Blue Jays made a potential Mariners playoff run more likely.

The Mariners are expected to fight for that last spot in October.

2. St. Louis Cardinals

To date, the St. Louis Cardinals are second in the NL Central.

They also find themselves in the third wild card spot.

Given how weak their division is, and the strength of some of the other wild card contenders, the Cardinals could find themselves in the same spot in October.

The Cardinals are the definition of a “middle of the pack” team.

They are led by some extraordinary superstars Paul Goldschmidt And nolan arenadoBut it lacks the strong depth that other top NL teams have.

This is most evident in his pitching staff, where some weapons have had stellar years, but the deeper it goes, the weaker it becomes.

Looks like it’s just a two-team battle with the teams other divisionsThe Cardinals will have to beat other third-placed teams for the final place.

Of course, they can overtake Milwaukee brewers if they’re heated at the right time.

However, it looks like the second-placed NL Central team could be the third wild card spot.

And, as with the Cardinals’ big names, they may need to score a run to make it to the third wild card spot.

1. Baltimore Orioles

Call me crazy, but if anyone had even considered the Baltimore Orioles for the playoffs earlier in the year, they would have been banned from the game.

However, we are a week away from the All-Star Game and need to get Conversation,

there is some About the Orioles

they have been injected with the youth of Adley Ratshman And have gone hot, winning eight straight games and just one game shy of .500.

Admittedly, that vibe hasn’t come against the best teams, but there is reason to be hopeful.

The biggest thing for the Orioles is the time frame of the trade.

while some swam Trey ManciniThe name of the surrounding a . is as business pieceThe Orioles should consider becoming a buyer if they continue to play well.

Another thing in favor of the Orioles is also their biggest downside: being in the AL East.

They will face off against the best division in the game in the final months.

If they can keep up the pace, it may be easier for them to jump to other teams in a wild card race.

Is it a possibility?

Maybe not.

Is this crazy?


But there is a world where the Orioles could enter the playoffs, all thanks to the extended format.

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