Team Paxton or Team Ben?: Never Have the Stars Decided

WARNING: Season Three Below Contains Spoilers never have I ever.

never have I ever Are we taking sides?

Netflix comedy season 3which fell on 12th August, ending with Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrisnan) on ben (years levison) at the door, looking to redeem the “One Free Boink” card he gave him in the first season. The pair, who dated in season two, reunited and ended the season with a make-out session.

but What does this mean for Devi’s ex-boyfriend, Paxton (Darren Barnett, Sure, he’s going to college in Arizona while Devi lives in California. Sure enough, Devi eventually appears to be fully committed to Ben. But are we so wrong in wondering if there’s still a spark there?

So, who comes in Team Ben or Team Paxton? We decided to take it up to the sources.

“I like to break mine down into percentage points,” Jaren exclusively told E! news. “I 70 percent go to Team Ben, I 20 percent go to Team Paxton, because I love Darren, and 10 percent love Team Goddess because we are all rooting for her to find self-love.”

Wait, did this convince us to join Team Ben?

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