Tarte Shape Tape Cloud Coverage Review: Get Clean, Expensive-Looking Skin

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When it comes to wearing foundation, I have only one thought and one thought: No. I lament over its clear texture and even coverage, and how it can really make your skin look dull, one-note, and dull. So when I heard. about Tarte Size Tape Cloud Coverage FoundationAs a new skincare-foundation hybrid promises “dreamless-looking skin,” I knew I was the perfect cynic to give it a hard check.

Tarte is a brilliant, female-founded/driven brand that was doing a totally bad job twenty years before anyone else knew about nasties. it is anchored by The Cult-Classic Shape Tape Franchiseincluding the Shape Tape Contour Concealer And glow wand, which are great for covering dark circles and adding dewyness to the skin. They’re the kind of coveted products that inspire caps on how many purchases you can make at once. But truth be told, my thirties skin and Tarte’s Original Shape Tape Foundation don’t play well together: My complexion is on the dry side, and the formula is too full-coverage for my liking. It looks like a Capital F foundation on me, which defies my lazy, devil-may-care style.

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Zippy Tarte Shape Tape Cloud Coverage Review: Snag TikTok Iconic Clean Skin Look

I got a sample of Shape Tape Cloud Coverage SPF 15 in a small tub, and immediately noted the unique, bouncy texture of somewhere between a primer and a gel moisturizer. I scoured the cruelty-free ingredients list, which boast calming and hydrating ingredients like ice mushroom extract, hyaluronic acid, and squalene.

Tart Size Tape Cloud Coverage Review

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I felt safe taking it out and applying it in small strokes to my skin, admiring the way it still hides my dark circles and spots up my glow factor, Seriously, I randomly slapped it on and watched with joy as it made my skin look like the best version of myself in one of the five-step skincare routines I did and didn’t drink Chardonnay the night before. . The lightweight formula gives skin a real glow that smells of a rich person who gets facials regularly and never steps out in bad light. It makes your skin look plump, even and glowing; Unlike foundation.

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If my initial reaction to this “foundation” was astonishing, my enduring reaction was to bow down. In the hours after application, I hooked up with my boyfriend and didn’t transfer any on him or his shirt, went for a brisk walk and stared at my computer screen for hours, and my skin still looked radiant. .

Shape Tape Cloud Coverage comes in 21 colors and is Especially QVC . In, Right now, you can score Shape Tape cloud coverage with a free AirLift brush for just $39 (usually $69 for both) and free shipping. Basically, the whole experience will leave you a skin-care legacy to make you look (and feel) like a mysterious relative.

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