Jordan Peele Tweeted a Clue About the Wild ‘Nope’ Plot Years Ago

An old tweet by ‘Nope’ director Jordan Peele has resurfaced and many fans think it inspired his new horror film. “Dream that a chimpanzee attacked some people, then ran up to me and hugged me,” Oscar winner, 43, write in 2014. “I woke up with tears from my face #bruh,” he continued. This statement is … Read more

French makes the worst summer treat: a ketchup-flavored popsicle

There’s no shortage of delicious summer recipes, so the flavor profile of a new, ice-based dessert has to really stand out. Enter “Frenchsicle,” a ketchup-flavored popsicle made by the French who are best known for their condiments—and now, for a limited time only, A Polarizing Popsicle Flavor, Available at pop-up locations in Canada until June … Read more

Twitter board approves Musk’s $44 billion bid

NEW YORK — Twitter’s board has unanimously recommended that shareholders approve the company’s proposed $44 billion sale to billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday. Musk reiterated his desire to move forward with the acquisition during a virtual meeting with Twitter employees last week, although Twitter’s shares are well … Read more

Washington Post newsroom drama may cost this feature editor a promotion: report

A Washington Post features editor was denied promotion a few days after the newspaper’s Internet reporter Taylor Lorenz publicly criticized her According to a report, on Twitter for “miscommunication” associated with one of his stories. David Malitz, a deputy features editor who oversees coverage of culture, arts and entertainment, was up for promotion to run … Read more

Elon Musk’s chat with Twitter seems to result in more questions than answers

Elon Musk spoke to Twitter employees for the first time this week, during which he reportedly told employees they should “wish to work in person” rather than work remotely, talked about free speech, and in talked to ambiguous words About his overall plans for the company. Thursday’s town hall meeting, which comes as Musk’s bid … Read more

Elon Musk Responds to Cryptocurrency Sales With ‘Kryptonite’

Billionaire and cryptocurrency superfan Elon Musk broke his silence on the recent plunge in the price of digital assets – and responded to a meme by revealing the next sector of the economy he expects to delve into. Musk reacted to the sharp selloff in bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, which briefly fell … Read more

Joy Reid’s ugly abuses and more

Diary of Distracting Disinformation and Dangerous Misconceptions This abuse: ,[Elon Musk and the right] to like . , , Be able to punch people in the face. , , and laugh about it. , , , I think [Musk] miss the old [apartheid] South Africa.” — MSNBC host Joy Reid, April 26 We say: reed … Read more