“My Interest Is in Clearing My Name”: Amber Heard’s Cross-Examination Includes Misconduct Allegations, ACLU Pledge and Elon Musk

Camila Vasquez, one of Johnny DeppThe lawyers of the Amber Heard on Monday. Attorneys tried to undermine Heard’s credibility on several points, most notably Heard’s pledge to donate a $7 million divorce settlement and her various allegations of abuse by Depp. By the time of this trial, Hurd had managed to donate only part of … Read more

Alex Jones’ InfoWars files for bankruptcy amid Sandy Hook suit

Alex Jones’ companies, including his media site Infowars, have filed for bankruptcy following lawsuits over public comments they called the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax. Three entities controlled by Jones filed for Chapter 11 protection in southern Texas, According to Bloomberg News, The companies reportedly cited estimated liabilities of $10 million. Filing for Chapter 11 … Read more

Russian Netflix users sue the streaming service

Russian users of Netflix have launched a class action lawsuit against the streaming giant leaving the Russian marketSeeking 60 million rubles ($726,000) in compensation, the RIA news agency reported on Wednesday. Netflix Inc. said in March that it had suspended its service in Russia and temporarily halted all future projects and acquisitions in the country … Read more