US Congress member meets Taiwan leader amid anger from China

In this photo released by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, US Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, at left, is photographed with Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Tah-ryu Yue after arriving at Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan . On Sunday, August 14, 2022. Markey is leading a delegation of US lawmakers who … Read more

Pelosi visits South Korea

Seoul, South Korea – US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with top South Korean political leaders on Thursday, a day after she renews Washington’s “ironclad” commitment to protect democracy on the self-governing island. Ended the high-profile trip. Strong opposition to China, As regional tensions rise after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China is preparing to launch … Read more

Kremlin strongly supports Beijing as Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan looms

Moscow — The Kremlin on Tuesday issued a stern warning against provoking the United States China with possible travel Taiwan US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that this would raise tensions to a new dangerous level. Pelosi left Malaysia on Tuesday and was expected to visit Taiwan, escalating tensions with Beijing, which claims the self-governing … Read more

Is this the end of the era of aircraft carriers?

Few sights are more majestic, even breathtaking and ferocious-looking—than a giant battleship, brown and sharp with weapons, in a naval flotilla surrounded by other equally badass ships, mounted high. Surrounded by seas. It is an indelible image of the invincible power packed by the great navies of the world. But on April 14, with only … Read more